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How can you make sure that your hair transplant cost is worth it? Hair surgery can get a bad rap based on old-fashioned “hair plug” results. The restoration surgery that brings back real, growing hair to the places you need it most is far different (far better) today than ever before. In the right hands, your results can look incredibly natural and extremely satisfying. The reality is that modern hair transplant costs cover consistently realistic, stylish, and long-lasting outcomes. Advanced hair restoration devices improve graft viability and decrease procedure time and unnecessary scalp trauma. What does that mean for you? Less pain, all the gain. Read on to learn how you can ensure that you’re receiving the very best this industry has to offer.

Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant Technology

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When first researching hair transplant cost in Toronto, you might feel confused because of the terminology used. We’re here to help you understand the meaning of phrases like “cost per graft” so that you’re clear on how cosmetic surgeons price hair transplants. We’ll also explain the best hair restoration methods available and how to make sure you love your results.

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The most leading-edge hair renewal surgery offered today is the FUE hair transplant. Medically known as follicular unit extraction (or excision), this procedure works more efficiently than its transplant predecessors. Here is a brief outline of what FUE accomplishes and how it does so:

  • FUE devices like NeoGraft and SmartGraft extract hair follicles from a region on your scalp where the hair is most dense (usually at the back of your head).
  • Your surgeon will analyze your unique hair characteristics before your procedure to plan how many grafts are needed and where they will be placed.
  • FUE rotary punch devices function by spinning rapidly to punch in and gently extract hair follicles with a tiny section of scalp tissue.
  • The follicles are then meticulously re-inserted into areas of hair loss.
  • Follicular grafts generally contain 1 to 4 strands of hair.
  • Your hair transplant team will implant the grafts where they’ll look most natural. For example, single hair grafts are used to create soft, realistic hairlines.
  • The device will leave tiny circular incisions where follicles were removed, but these will heal and be hidden by your hair as it grows back.
  • Although the procedure is long and intricate, your medical team will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible by using a local anaesthetic.
  • Because it’s a day surgery that is minimally invasive, you should be able to get back to some normal activities the next day.
  • Hair transplant professionals transplant an average of 500 to 2,500 grafts in a single session.
  • Although the re-growth process takes time, you can expect full, natural-looking hair with no prominent scars or visible evidence of surgery.

Hair transplantation is a meticulous art form that demands your cosmetic surgeon’s full attention. It’s imperative that whomever you choose to perform your procedure has:

  • The skills to assess your hair loss
  • The ability to create an individualized surgical plan
  • Age-appropriate and gender-appropriate techniques
  • The expertise and attention to detail to perform the surgery at the highest level

That’s why it’s vital to do your research and select a hair restoration expert with a long list of success stories and satisfied clients. Also, be sure that the clinic where they operate is fully accredited for surgery or that they have the privileges to operate at a hospital. Once you’ve found a well-respected hair transplant surgeon with excellent before and after results, you can book your initial consultation. At your first meeting with your physician, you should be made to feel relaxed and free to ask all your questions. You can also ask to see photos of previous hair transplant patients and ask questions about the process and results.

Hair transplant cost is usually priced per graft. On average, surgeons charge between $5 and $6 per graft (fees are subject to change). So if you need between 500 and 1,500 grafts, your procedure could range anywhere from $2,000 to more than $9,000. You may need more grafts, depending on the severity of your hair loss and future thinning.

There are variances in price between different surgeons, but we don’t recommend basing your search for a hair surgeon solely on price. If you choose deeply discounted packages or “deals” rather than paying for expertise, you may find that the quality of your outcome is not what you hoped for. Travelling out of country for any surgical procedure can also lead to unforeseen complications and costs multiplied. At our hair transplant clinic in Toronto, we offer no-obligation consultations, so you can get expert and personalized feedback without any pressure.

We understand that some people may not see surgical hair restoration as a viable option because of the hair transplant cost. However, there are easy ways to apply for loan financing for your procedure. The financing experts Credit Medical and Medicard facilitate loans to fund a portion or sometimes the entire amount of your surgery. Offsetting payments can make your treatment convenient and manageable.

FUE delivers an over 90% success rate and impressive results in the hands of a talented surgeon. If you’re interested in knowing more about hair transplant and cost in Toronto, we invite you to contact us at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic. Dr. Cory Torgerson is a highly respected and experienced facial plastic surgeon specializing in the head and neck, including hair transplantation. He understands the diverse challenges of hair loss and how to design a surgical plan tailored to each individual. At our welcoming Yorkville clinic, you will meet a dedicated team of professionals who are driven to help you in your hair restoration journey. We offer surgical and non-surgical solutions to help you feel great about how you look.

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