Is Hair Transplant Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Hair Transplant, or Hair Replacement as it is also called, is considered cosmetic plastic surgery. It is an elective surgery sought by men and women who are endeavoring to enhance their appearance and achieve hair restoration due to an abnormal amount of hair loss. Hair replacement is considered a non-essential procedure because thinning hair is not life threatening. If the loss of hair is due to a burn or injury, hair restoration then comes under the category of reconstructive surgery. Although the medical profession may consider hair loss an unessential procedure, anyone who has suffered the trauma of thinning hair, or baldness may disagree.

Over 80% of males and 30% of females experience hair loss as a result of the aging process. For some, thinning hair comes at a much earlier age and this is due primarily to genetics. Other causes can include medication, changes in hormone levels and trauma and stress. Although no one can control at what age they experience hair loss, it seems extremely unfair at any age because of the angst and trauma it can cause.

Hair Replacement

Safe & Effective Solution

FUE Neograft Hair Replacement System

Hair Transplant used to involve a painful, tedious surgery with a long recovery period, however modern technology offers an extremely safe and effective solution with the FUE Neograft hair replacement system. This incredible hair transplant method restores a client’s self-esteem and natural hair growth, with minimal discomfort at the same time.

The FUE method which stands for follicular unit extraction, utilizes Neograft’s state of the art pneumatic medical device, specifically designed for hair transplanting. This micro-surgical technique gently and smoothly removes skin grafts with hair follicles attached, and implants them where they are needed, typically in the crown or around the receding hair line area. Neograft’s patented surgical instrument allows the grafts to be removed and transplanted smoothly. This ensures a higher success rate than previous hair replacement methods because the growth cycle is not altered and continues naturally. Dr. Torgerson’s Neograft team includes RN’s with years of experience in private cosmetic surgery.

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Neograft Technique

Neograft Technique

Less Invasive Than Previous Hair Restoration Methods

The seemless Neograft technique abolishes the need to remove patches or strips of the scalp, which was not only painful, but also left scars that were difficult to hide after surgery. With Neograft, there are virtually no scalpel incisions and no scars, meaning that Neograft is less invasive than previous hair restoration methods. This is great news for the hair transplant recipient because less invasive methods translate to a more comfortable experience, fewer complications, and faster recovery times.

Compared to other hair restoration methods, the Neograft system may sound like a miracle, but Dr. Torgerson wants every patient to be realistic in their outlook as there are several factors that can affect the density of the transplanted hair such as texture, amount of curl and even the colour. Normal hair takes time to grow and transplanted hair is no different. It may take up to one year to see the full extent of your hair replacement procedure, but the wait is absolutely worth it.

If you have suffered embarrassment or frustration due to hair loss, the Neograft method of restoration is able to restore your hair density as well as your dignity.

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