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Hair Transplant Regina, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Hair Transplant Patients Choose the THTC

People considering a hair transplant in Regina, Saskatchewan, have questions and curiosity about hair restoration just like clients we meet from across Canada.

Do you struggle to hide, prevent, or cure your hair loss? Perhaps you just noticed the thinning of your hairline, a bald spot, or strands left in the shower drain. Maybe you’ve been thinking about hair transplant surgery for some time, but you’re not sure whether this permanent hair restoration can make your goals a reality.

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic (THTC) treats valued clients from coast to coast. Visiting us from Regina for a hair transplant could be the best decision that you make this year. Today’s advanced techniques and detail-focused approach using follicular unit excision (FUE) restore extremely natural-looking, long-lasting hair right back where you once had it.

Stop relying on topical hair growth products, shampoos, and pills. Hair transplantation is a drug-free, worry-free solution for youthful locks and renewed confidence.

Hair Transplant Saskatchewan

Get the Facts, Regina

Hair Transplants Are a Long-Lasting, Natural Solution

Hair loss may be caused by illness or malnutrition, but the most common reason why more scalp is bared over time is androgenic alopecia. In men, this common condition is referred to as male pattern baldness, but females experience genetic hair loss too.

For males, androgenic alopecia presents as progressive hair loss on the top (crown) of the head and the hairline. Women see hair thinning more diffusely, with thin ponytails and a widening part over time.

Losing hair is nothing to be ashamed of. Nearly 85% of men worldwide report a degree of hair loss by age 50, and nearly half of women notice significant hair thinning.

At the THTC, we treat hair loss through several popular methods. Hair transplant clients from Regina and around the Greater Toronto Area visit the world-class THTC for FUE hair restoration and combined therapies with proven results.

A hair transplant relocates your own growing follicles to restore volume where you want it. Unlike hairpieces, sprays, and cover-ups, nothing looks better and feels more natural than replenishing the thick, lush hair that you once had.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is a Hair Transplant Best for You?

Decades ago, early surgical methods for transplanting hair lacked the precision, advanced technology, and fine detail that make today’s results so stunning. It is very difficult to spot a well-executed hair transplant now, and the number of celebrities maintaining their good looks this way is growing. While a multibillion-dollar hair growth industry has sprung up around medicated shampoos and hair growth potions, most people still want a permanent, dramatic, real restoration of their natural hair.

A hair transplant could be right for you if:

  • You don’t want to just cover up, wear a hair piece, or camouflage your scalp
  • You want a drug-free way to grow your hair
  • You’re ready to invest in long-term hair restoration and growth
  • You want to dramatically transform your look and enjoy the styling possibilities that you once had
  • You know that self-esteem and a positive body image are closely tied to how appearance makes you feel

Regina Hair Transplant Clients Choose the Reputation and Experience of the THTC

We’re located conveniently in the heart of Toronto, near numerous modes of transit, ample parking, and desirable accommodations.

With 2 full-time hair transplant suites dedicated to hair clients, plus numerous private treatment rooms, we accommodate a busy and diverse clientele with hair transplantation, laser, and PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) for hair growth. Our reputation is impressive because of our results, hands-on care, expertly trained plastic surgeons, and hair transplant team who make each experience exceptional.

Regina Hair Transplant FUE Technology

FUE means follicular unit excision. It is the least invasive, most meticulous, results-based choice for hair restoration with near scar-less results.

All of our hair transplant patients receive a personalized plan created by our plastic surgeons using SmartGraft or NeoGraft FUE technology. “Smart” devices have changed the game in hair restoration, allowing our team to safely extract tiny follicle grafts with minimal discomfort and barely a trace. In fact, follicle removal sites are micro (less than 1 mm), so once they have healed, even short hair can cover them well, unlike the long transplant scars related to old-fashioned methods.

Hair transplant procedures are quite comfortable for our patients, and many of them tell us the day is a breeze. Relaxed on a treatment bed, you listen to music, browse social media, or even sleep while your practitioners work on your future head of hair! Likewise, healing after your hair transplant is a much less intimidating process than it once was, with no long, sensitive scalp incision to care for.

The Process

To prepare you for your FUE hair transplant, we shave a small area at the back of your scalp where healthy, DHT-resistant hairs grow (DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is the hormone that causes pattern baldness). The donor grafts are extracted in tiny groups of just a few hairs from dense growth areas.

We recommend that clients with short hair have a pre-haircut to help blend the donor area while their hair grows back. With a few simple accommodations during recovery, many patients can avoid telling anyone that they had a hair transplant at all.

Hair transplant recovery time is 7 to 10 days, and you can expect minor swelling and small scab formation during the first 7 days.

Your hair transplant results will last for years – maybe a lifetime! However, patience at the beginning is critical. The normal cycle of hair growth cannot be rushed, so expect to see new growth around the third month and transplanted hairs reaching their full potential by 12 months.

Good things are worth waiting for. Permanent, real hair restoration can finally give you back hassle-free, washable, stylable, youthful hair to run your fingers through daily.

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Hair Growth with Platelet-Rich Plasma and Laser Light Therapy

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

The THTC treats hair loss with platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), which is a non-surgical, natural method of harnessing blood plasma to nourish hair follicles. Growth factors and stem cells are extracted from a small blood sample, then reintroduced right at the hair roots to repair follicles, stimulate growth, and provide fuller, thicker hair. PRP scalp treatments take 30 minutes and can deliver noticeable results within just a few months. We offer PRP alone or combined with hair transplants for Regina patients to accelerate results.

Red/near-infrared light stimulates cellular activity in nearly any body tissue. It uses photobiostimulation technology discovered in the ’60s. Recently, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been proven to stimulate hair growth too! The transformative properties of light trigger natural growth factors in hair follicles. LLLT is fast, non-invasive, and easy, so our patients love it.

Hair Transplant Saskatchewan
Hair Transplant Saskatchewan

DHT Minimizer

Do Hair Loss Medications Work?

Yes, they can. However, many hair transplant patients have already spent time and money just on medication . . . with lacklustre results. Most often we bring back thick hairlines through a combination of protective hair growth medication and strategic, permanent transplantation.

Transplanted follicles resist the damaging effects of DHT, so the results last. However, the remaining hair in your balding areas will continue to shed and must be protected. Prescription medications can minimize DHT. Finasteride/Propecia can help hair transplant results last longer. Talk to our hair transplant surgeons about long-term maintenance and hair loss prevention.

Hair Transplant in Canada

In recent years, medical tourism has increased the number of people leaving Canada to seek low-cost hair transplants abroad. Unfortunately, treatments that are not regulated consistently can lead to unforeseen complications and even shocking bills to repair poor results.

Hair transplant surgery is less invasive than it once was, but it is still considered surgery. Ensuring that you get what you pay for and love the results begins with choosing trusted, local experts. Regina hair transplant clients have trusted the THTC with their hair for many years, and we continue to welcome national and international clients who are seeking only the best.

Our Level 3 OHP (out-of-hospital premises) surgical centre is accredited to the highest standard for your safety. The delicate handling of hair follicles and careful planning by highly qualified practitioners greatly reduce your chances of winding up disappointed.

Hair transplant surgery risks may include unexpected scalp trauma, infection, scarring, or the loss of grafts. That’s why the way we follow up closely with patients after their procedure is just as important as clear, detailed communication and guidance beforehand. At the THTC, our professionalism and individualized care far surpass standards, and helping people love how they look brings high satisfaction rates.

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

Schedule Your Hair Transplant Consultation at the THTC

Your first step will be meeting with one of our doctors and our hair transplant manager. They will assess your scalp and discuss your health picture to determine the level and type of your hair loss. They will also explain how each proven restoration method works. Your customized plan will suit your goals, schedule, and budget.

If you are ready to stop wasting time and money, contact us to plan your next steps toward lasting hair restoration. It’s time to get back to life on your terms this year with a hair transplant that you’ll feel confident with for years to come.

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