Hair Transplant Buffalo, New York

Hair Transplant

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo hair transplant patients increasingly find that their high standards lead them just over the border to the proven results and reputation of the THTC. If you are tired of covering or you’re struggling to cure your hair loss, find out why making an appointment with leaders in hair restoration is the first step to lasting satisfaction and renewed confidence.

Losing your hair? It’s time to consider a hair transplant, Buffalo. You don’t have to waste more time watching hairlines recede or bald spots grow. FUE hair transplant surgery delivers dramatically thicker, youthful hair without messy products or pieces to apply. Hair transplantation is a drug-free, natural choice for hair that’s all yours.

Whether you are frustrated by early signs of thinning or you’ve watched a bald spot form for years, take heart. The THTC (Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic) renews hope and confidence for countless men and women through permanent hair growth.

Just a short drive or flight from Buffalo, our hair transplant surgery harnesses the latest innovative technology for safe procedures and fast recovery times.

We know that visible hair plugs and scalp scars are not appealing. We stay ahead of the curve to create “can’t tell it’s a transplant” results. That’s why we’re known as an international destination for minimally invasive, virtually scarless hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Buffalo, New York

Get the Facts, Buffalo

Hair Transplants Are the Most Natural Solution

Do you seek natural solutions whenever possible? The trend today is toward non-toxic, drug-free treatments and embracing your natural, healthy appearance. Unfortunately, many herbal growth remedies on the market don’t deliver, and the reason might be your genetics. If you’re among the 85% of men or 50% of women reporting hair loss around the world, you’re not alone.

Progressive hair thinning or balding runs in families and is rooted in your genes. Androgenic alopecia is the leading cause of what we call “male pattern baldness,” though women suffer with it too! This leading type of alopecia targets the top of the head and the hairline in men and leads to overall thinning in females.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the hormone that shrinks hair follicles by binding to them, and some people are more susceptible to it than others. For them, no amount of scalp massage or natural remedies will reverse their pattern hair loss.

However, there is good news, Buffalo! Hair transplant surgery is permanent and drug-free. The process carefully moves your DHT-resistant follicles to the areas where hair is thin or absent. It replenishes real, growing hair, so the results are all you. Follicular unit excision (FUE) transplantation replaces your hair, strand by strand, exactly where you need it.

Buffalo hair transplant clients visit the THTC for world-class FUE hair restoration and supportive therapies with long-lasting results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FUE Hair Transplantation the Best for You?

Our patients represent diverse ages, and they come from all walks of life. They also come from across the U.S. and Canada in search of experienced hair transplant surgeons who understand their goals. They’re ready to ditch disappointing, expensive remedies that don’t work and finally see the hair that reflects who they are on the inside.

Hair transplants beat hair systems, wigs, pills, and topical products if you want a one-time, transformative return of your real hair.

A hair transplant could be right for you if:

  • You’re not interested in hats, scalp camouflage, wigs, and hair pieces
  • You want a drug-free treatment
  • You want permanent investment results
  • You wish to thicken your hairline, eliminate bald areas, and enjoy the styling options that you used to have
  • Your self-esteem is closely related to how you look

Buffalo FUE Hair Transplant Method Explained

Follicular unit excision (FUE) is based on precision and a virtually scar-free result.

Your procedure starts with an individualized plan designed using SmartGraft or NeoGraft systems. “Smart” FUE devices allow for safe follicle graft extraction without pain, lengthy recovery, or noticeable scars. In fact, our advanced process is so comfortable that the procedure day is often described as a breeze!

Graft harvesting creates a tiny opening just 1 mm across, so each one appears as a small dot after it has healed. They are easy to cover, even with short hairstyles, unlike old transplantation methods that left a long scar.

Your hair transplant at the THTC does not require general anaesthetic, and you can listen to music, scroll on your phone, or nap while we work. A full hair transplant day takes roughly 8 hours, and you can return to your accommodations right away when it is finished.

A pre-haircut is recommended for short-haired patients, because it can help blend in donor areas when healing. Expect temporary adjustments to your routine during the 7 to 10 days of recovery, such as avoiding the gym or swimming.

Preparing to be patient is the most important part of planning. Your results may last a lifetime, but the natural growth phases of hair follicles can’t be rushed. New hairs show at 3 months, and full growth can usually be seen closer to 12 months.

A hair transplant might be the best investment that you ever make. Every day, we hear that it was well worth the wait for real, hassle-free, stylable hair that our patients can finally run their fingers through again.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma or Low-Level Laser Therapy

Near-infrared and red-light therapy trigger cellular activity in your cells. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) was studied for its unique properties in the 1960s, and it has since proven to stimulate hair growth via photobiostimulation. Painless and non-invasive, LLLT can increase the growth factors in follicle cells to lengthen the growth phase of hair. Our patients love this effective, easy solution.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) scalp treatment is a non-surgical, drug-free hair growth option that takes just 30 minutes and a small sample of your blood. The stem-cell-packed plasma elixir has growth factors that stimulate thicker, stronger hair when it is injected at the roots. PRP for Buffalo hair transplant patients is an excellent way to boost surgical results and heal quickly.

Are Hair Loss Medications Useful?

They can be. However, patients often tell us that they have been disappointed with the results of medication alone. Combining protective hair growth prescriptions with lasting, surgical transplantation may allow you to keep your transplant result going strong, longer.

Here’s how it works: Transplanted hair is taken from DHT-resistant areas, which gives it staying power in new locations. But the remaining hair in thin scalp regions continues to be susceptible to DHT. That’s why medication like Propecia can be useful to halt continued hair fallout. Feel free to talk with our hair transplant surgeons about a long-term maintenance strategy.

Buffalo Hair Transplant Patients Choose the THTC Experience

Surgical hair transplantation is a significant investment, and the results can be absolutely stunning, taking years off of your appearance. Therefore, it makes sense to select a hair clinic very carefully.

Our global reputation for excellence is thanks to natural-looking hair transplant before and after results and the high level of experience and precision techniques that we offer you. We are also known for welcoming out-of-town clients from across the United States and Canada.

We are easy to find, in the heart of Toronto, accessible to all transit and just steps away from beautiful accommodations and attractions.

Our Level 3 OHP (out-of-hospital premises) surgical centre is accredited to the highest standard, and we house 2 full-time hair transplant rooms along with several bright, contemporary treatment suites. Every detail, from our technology to direct pre- and post-op care, is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Hair transplant risks are well mitigated through safety protocols and patient guidance, but they may include infection, scalp trauma, graft loss, or unexpected scarring. We believe that personalized care and a knowledgeable team are critical factors for optimal returns on your investment and hair that you LOVE for a long time.

Schedule Your Consultation for Hair Transplant, Buffalo!

When you are ready to find out what is possible, one of our doctors will meet with you in person. Your level and type of hair loss will be assessed, plus we will listen to your concerns and goals. Our hair transplant manager will help explain treatment choices and details to you, then give you a customized plan to suit your needs, budget, and schedule.

Take control of your hair loss this year, once and for all!  Your appearance can reflect your inner youth and confidence again. We’ll be pleased to take the next steps with you.

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