3 Ways FUE in Toronto Can Improve Your Life AND Save You Money

FUE Toronto

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Life AND Save Money

Did you know that FUE Toronto can actually improve your life AND save you money? Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through hair transplant before and after pictures more often lately, as you keep a watchful eye on your growing bald spot. Your hair loss could be negatively impacting many areas of your life.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) Toronto hair transplant patients have reported life improvements in at least 3 notable areas after their hair restoration:

  • More confidence and empowerment in their personal lives
  • Less time fussing over their hair
  • A competitive edge in the workplace

In addition to these benefits, some patients have noted that the permanent solution found in an FUE hair transplant has saved them money. You might find this surprising if you’ve compared FUE costs in Toronto, but as you read ahead, we’ll explain why the type of investment made for hair restoration affects its long-term value and overall cost. Return on investment is essential to consider. How much money are you wasting on gimmicks now?

FUE Toronto

FUE Toronto

What’s Involved?

FUE hair transplants are completed using a handheld punch that removes 1 to 4 hair follicles at a time along with a small amount of the surrounding tissue. These extracted units are harvested from the denser areas of the head (usually the sides or back of your scalp), then transplanted into the sparse areas.

For people who qualify, this redistribution of healthy follicles maximizes hair growth and creates the illusion of thicker, more abundant hair.

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FUE Toronto

FUE Toronto

How can FUE in Toronto improve your life?

Time is a precious commodity, and old methods of hiding hair loss did little to keep it. Once the brunt of jokes and giggles, the comb-over is thankfully a thing of the past. The same goes for antiquated hair plug procedures and the use of artificial-looking toupees. These outdated options cost the recipient money or time or both.

Standing in front of a mirror trying to strategically distribute your remaining hair to hide a bald patch or receding temples is maintenance that you don’t need. Hairspray, hats, and avoiding situations where your secret may be uncovered might keep your hair in place, but they also keep you in place.

Men all over the world are breathing a sigh of relief now that these old methods have been replaced with state-of-the-art technology that gives them back their freedom and time.

Real, growing hair looks real. Because it is. Once your surgeon establishes where your hair needs to be, you can get on with your life. FUE can improve not just your natural appearance, but time management as well.

Ditch the hairpieces, hair spray, thickening products, disguises, and gimmicks. Getting ready could be as simple as running fingers through your hair again.

In today’s business world, maturing men are often concerned with maintaining a youthful, revitalized look that allows them to go head-to-head with younger competitors. No cosmetic procedure can assure you of anything in your career or personal life. However, what our FUE Toronto clients tell us is that it often helps.

Many guys are staying in the workforce longer than before. In your 40s, 50s, even 60s, why should you have to look older than your colleagues if you don’t want to?

After an FUE Toronto hair transplant, the self-esteem that often comes with a full head of hair allows you to step into the employment arena with confidence. And not only can thicker hair make you appear younger (or indeed, the young age that you are), but you may also be able to sport a stylish look that your previous hair loss wouldn’t allow.

Along with career moves, more people are re-entering the dating scene in later years. Men and women can both experience thinning and balding after midlife. Hair restoration has become equally accessible and socially acceptable, which means that people are revamping their look before getting back on the market.

Many guys are confident (and handsome) with a bald head, but for men and women who worry about hair thinning, FUE can revive self-esteem and help them break out of their shells and get intimate again. Because of permanent and natural-looking hair restoration, a day in the pool or a workout at the gym doesn’t have to cause any stress at all. You can worry less about looks and work on your moves instead.

Before committing to FUE costs, you’ll need to learn whether you’re a suitable candidate. A consultation with an experienced hair restoration specialist is your first step.

Dr. Torgerson will assess the causes of your hair loss and work with you to determine the best course of action. Typically, the price for FUE ranges between $5 and $6 per graft. The number of units needed to achieve ample coverage is anywhere from 500 to 2,500 typically. Substantial FUE procedures cost between $9,000 and $15,000 on average. FUE hair transplant is a repeatable procedure in most cases, but if planned strategically, you should expect many years of worry-free enjoyment from your investment.

Not every surgeon or clinic takes the same educated and dedicated approach to planning procedures. Though FUE is far less invasive and traumatic than methods of the past, the skill and artistry with which it’s carried out make all the difference between obvious hair plug results and flawlessly natural outcomes.

You could also end up with unexpected scarring and donor site depletion if you haven’t chosen an expert with plenty of hair restoration experience. Reputable websites will reveal the different processes available, the advantages of an FUE vs. FUT hair transplant, recovery time, and cost. However, pay special attention to your surgeon’s experience and results.

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

FUE with Dr. Torgerson

At the THTC, we want to help you make an informed decision. With Dr. Torgerson’s reputation for integrity, personalized treatment, and excellence, clients from Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Oakville, and other areas of the Greater Toronto Area flock to the THTC to seek his expertise. With 18 years of post-secondary education, he’s one of the most sought-after FUE Toronto surgeons.

You’re invited to book your consultation about FUE hair transplant with Dr. Torgerson. His team of skilled professionals look forward to working with you to design your new look. You’ve got nothing more to lose!

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