Hair Transplant Detroit, Michigan

Hair Transplant

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit hair transplant patients have the same high standards when searching for hair surgeons that people across the U.S. and Canada do. If you’re struggling to cover up or cure your hair loss, find out why people from Detroit make the quick trip up to the THTC for reliably lasting, natural hair transplant results.

It’s time to consider a hair transplant, Detroit. If you don’t want to waste more time watching your hairline recede or your bald spots grow, FUE hair restoration can give you the noticeable, dramatically replenished hair that you’re dreaming of – no messy products or pieces to apply daily. Hair transplantation is also the drug-free, natural choice for real hair growth that’s all yours.

Whether you’re just beginning to see signs of thinning or you’ve battled balding for some time, take heart. The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic (THTC) has renewed hope and confidence for countless men and women seeking permanent hair growth.

Just a short drive from Detroit, hair transplant surgery utilizes the latest in innovative technology for safe, fast procedures and quick recovery times.

We know that you don’t want visible hair plugs or scalp scars to hide. That’s why we’ve stayed ahead of the curve to become known as an international destination for minimally invasive, nearly scarless hair transplant technology.

Hair Transplant Detroit, Michigan

Get the Facts, Detroit

Hair Transplants Are the Most Natural Solution

If you’re wondering why many hair growth remedies on the market just don’t deliver, the reason may be your genetics. If you have hair loss, you’re not alone. You’re among the 85% of men or up to 50% of women who report hair loss globally.

Progressive hair loss that runs in families is rooted in your genes. Illness and malnutrition also affect hair follicles, yet androgenic alopecia is the leading cause of “male pattern baldness.” And women suffer with it too! Androgenic alopecia affects the crown of the head and receding hairline in men and causes overall diffused thinning in women.

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone that binds to hair follicles, then shrinks them. A genetically predispositioned sensitivity to DHT means that no number of herbal remedies or scalp massages will reverse pattern hair loss.

However, good scalp circulation and follicle nutrition are beneficial when they are combined with permanent hair transplant surgery. Transplantation moves your DHT-resistant follicles to the areas where the hair has fallen out. Hair transplant replenishes your real, growing hair, so it’s the natural way to regain confidence that lasts.

Detroit hair transplant clients visit the world-class THTC for the best follicular unit excision (FUE) hair restoration and supportive treatments with proven results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an FUE Hair Transplant the Best Option?

Our patients come from all walks of life and have diverse ages. They’re ready to regain their youthful locks and ditch disappointing, expensive remedies. FUE hair transplantation replaces your own hair strand by strand, right where you want it.

A hair transplant beats hair systems, sprays, and pills if you want a one-time, transformative restoration of natural hair.

A hair transplant may be the best for you if:

  • You’re not into wearing hats, hair pieces, wigs, or scalp camouflage
  • You’re looking for a drug-free solution
  • You want to invest in permanent results
  • You’re ready to transform your hairline, increase your hair thickness, and enjoy the styling options that you used to have
  • Your body positivity and self-esteem are closely related to how you look

Detroit FUE Hair Transplant Technology Explained

FUE is incredibly precise and offers virtually scar-free results.

Your transformation will start with a personal plan designed for you using SmartGraft or NeoGraft hair transplant technology. Innovative “smart” FUE devices help our plastic surgeons and skilled technicians perform safe follicle graft excision with less discomfort or scarring than ever before.

The hair graft removal sites are usually less than 1 mm across, so they look like tiny dots once they have healed. These dots can be easily covered by short hairstyles, unlike the long scars related to old transplantation methods.

The FUE process is so comfortable that patients often say the procedure day was a breeze!

Hair transplants don’t require general anaesthetic. You’ll recline comfortably while we work, and you can scroll on your phone, listen to music, or nap as we relocate the grafts one by one. Expect your full transplant to take roughly 8 hours, after which you can return immediately to your accommodations.

We advise short-haired patients that a pre-haircut can help blend in donor areas while healing. Expect temporary routine adjustments during recovery such as avoiding the gym or swimming. The recovery time after FUE is generally just 7 to 10 days, but the results can last a lifetime!

The most important part of planning is preparing to be patient. Natural hair growth phases can’t be rushed, so new hair begins to show at 3 months. The full growth potential is seen closer to 12 months.

For numerous clients, a hair transplant is the best investment they ever make. It is well worth the wait for real, stylable, hassle-free hair that they can run their fingers through daily.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma and Low-Level Laser Therapy

Non-Surgical Hair Treatment

If you’re looking for a non-surgical, drug-free treatment, PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) for hair growth is a great solution. It uses blood plasma to support hair follicles. PRP takes just 30 minutes using a small sample of your blood, which holds potent growth factors. The stem-cell-packed elixir is injected at the hair roots to stimulate thicker, stronger growth within 3 months. PRP scalp treatment for Detroit hair transplant patients can help them heal fast and boost their surgical results.

Another effective option is near-infrared and red-light therapy, which stimulates cellular activity in the body. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) was first studied in the 1960s, and it is now used to trigger hair growth using photobiostimulation. LLLT is unique, painless, and non-invasive, and it increases the growth factors in follicle cells, which lengthens the growth phase of hair. Our patients love this comfortable, effective solution.

Are Hair Loss Medications Beneficial?

Yes, they can be. However, people are often disappointed by the effects of medication alone to fight hair loss. By combining protective hair growth medications with lasting, surgical transplantation, the THTC can help you enjoy your results longer.

Transplanted hairs come from DHT-resistant scalp areas, so they have staying power in their new locations. However, the remaining hairs in your thin areas will continue to be susceptible to DHT, so medication such as Propecia is useful to slow or halt that process. Our hair transplant surgeons will be happy to speak with you about long-term maintenance strategies.

Detroit Hair Transplant Clients Choose the Reputation and Experience of the THTC

A surgical hair transplant is a significant investment for most people. When you decide that it’s time to make a lasting change, it makes sense to select your clinic very carefully. We have a global reputation thanks to impressive hair transplant before and after results. But we’re also known for catering to out-of-town clients. Conveniently found in downtown Toronto, we’re easy to access from the airport and by transit, with ample parking and top-tier accommodations nearby.

Our Level 3 OHP (out-of-hospital premises) surgical centre houses 2 full-time hair transplant procedure rooms, plus several private treatment suites. The THTC maintains the strictest protocols for safety, and everything from our technology to our detailed pre- and post-op care help ensure our patients’ lasting satisfaction.

Hair transplant risks may include infection, scalp trauma, unexpected scarring, and the loss of grafts. Your personalized care and knowledgeable team are critical factors that make all the difference for your investment.

At the THTC, we go beyond the standards to make sure you LOVE your new hair.

Schedule Your Hair Transplant Consultation, Detroit!

When you’re ready to get started, a doctor will meet you in person. We will assess your level and type of hair loss, plus listen to your goals and concerns. Our hair transplant manager will help explain all of your available options and what you can expect, then provide you with a customized plan to suit your schedule, budget, and needs.

Take control of hair loss once and for all this year and let your appearance reflect all the confidence you once had! We’ll be pleased to take the next steps of your hair restoration journey with you.

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