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Financing Options

Credit Medical or Medicard


Credit Medical is one of our financing experts that specializes in providing loans for medical procedures in Canada. They offer fast and easy credit approvals with no down payment or collateral necessary. Applying is easy with Credit Medical and can be done either online (by clicking on the “apply now” button below) or over the phone. They are sure to offer patients complete confidentiality as well as competitive Interest rates and you can be confident in your decision to finance through them.
  • Fixed interest rate throughout repayment term
  • Loans are open and can be paid out at anytime
  • Borrow any amount you need ($1,000 minimum)
  • Flexible repayment terms (6 months to 5 years)


Medicard’s loan program is simple, fast & convenient. Patients may apply online, via fax, or even over the phone. Most applications are quickly approved – in fact, financing can be approved while the patient is at the clinic! A portion of the procedure may be financed or the entire amount of treatment. With low interest rates & flexible terms, there is no uncertainty, only convenience. Medicard’s professional & experienced staff is committed to helping patients obtain financing for cosmetic procedures they want.
  • No down payment or collateral
  • High approval
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No early payment penalty

Since 1996, iFinance Canada’s Medicard has been providing financing for cosmetic procedures enabling patients to afford the very best. It is a simple and affordable way to finance a procedure, either surgical or non-surgical.

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Quick & Convenient

Applying for financing is as simple as filling out the online application from either one of our providers! You can request financing for only a portion of your procedure or you can finance the complete procedure.

Most patients’ applications are quickly approved for funding – in fact, financing can be approved while you are at our office. You will most times get instant or same-day approval!

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at either one of our financing companies would be pleased to provide you with further information and walk you through the application process. Please feel free to contact them seven days a week.

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