Why Choose Neograft

Why NeoGraft?

Here are some of the top reasons

Firstly, NeoGraft has proven to have superior results for both men and women. In the hands of an expert, the success rate is high for NeoGraft hair transplant follicles with a 94% take rate. This means that outstanding results can be achieved in the transplanted area. This effective method is able to help you grow healthy hair with natural-looking results, allowing you to wear your hair short or long.

Secondly, the NeoGraft FUE method uses advanced technology that allows for the automated harvesting and implantation of follicles. It was the first follicular system for hair transplant to be approved  by Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, making it a leader in the industry and the least invasive procedure. Using pneumatic controls to extract hair follicles, this precise system then transplants the hair grafts to the selected recipient areas on the head. The ease at which the pneumatic pressure slides the graft out means that a more robust hair follicle is transplanted, ensuring a better overall success rate.

Another powerful advantage with NeoGraft is how easy it is to use. There are no scalpel incisions and no staples. This gentle method under local anaesthesia causes little to no discomfort. The quick recovery time has most patients back doing their daily activities within a few days. Without the scars of former hair transplant methods, clients can be more discreet about their choice to move forward with hair restoration. Also, with NeoGraft there is no numbness where the donor hair was harvested.

Neograft For Both Men and Women

High-Quality Investment

Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

In terms of financial investment, there have never been better options. The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic offers financing through 2 reputable cosmetic procedure financing companies, Medicard and Credit Medical. Both of these programs offer payment plans to meet your budget, and the plans can be customized to your needs. Our office also offers a simulated viewing tool to allow potential clients to see what their results would look like with full, medium, or light hair coverage. NeoGraft procedure prices are quoted based on the number of grafts needed, so the simulation tool can help visualize the results of what different price points would achieve for you.

Lastly, choosing to move forward with your NeoGraft procedure at our office ensures the highest quality of care. Dr. Cory Torgerson is a head and neck facial plastic surgeon with several years of experience. With a concentration on just head and neck procedures, you can rest assured that Dr. Torgerson carries a thorough knowledge and understanding of the head and his expertise is not diluted to other areas of the body. We choose to have registered nurses as part of our lead medical team, not just hair transplant technicians. This ensures that excellent medical proficiency and knowledge are standard at our hair loss clinic and that patient satisfaction is a top priority.

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Neograft FUE Transplant

NeoGraft FUE Transplant

Natural Looking Results

NeoGraft has changed hair restoration for the better as a long-term treatment plan that creates natural-looking results. It stimulated the shift away from other hair loss treatments that left scars and rendered a result capable of any hairstyle, long or short.

The simplicity of the NeoGraft FUE transplant makes its many advantages irresistible! So if NeoGraft is of interest to you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic to talk about your options!

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