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Windsor hair transplant patients can have the dramatic, natural-looking hair restoration that they’re seeking just a short trip away at the THTC. Canada-wide, men and women like who you are tired of covering up their hair loss are seeking permanent solutions. They’re finished with gimmicks, hair pieces, and wigs. But like you, many Canadians are curious to know if a hair transplant can really restore their hair in a way that looks like they never lost it at all.

Yes, it can! Hair transplant techniques used by the best hair surgeons are safe, natural-looking, and easier than ever. Discover why FUE hair transplantation at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic (THTC) is in demand.

Our contemporary surgical centre is in the heart of the GTA, a few hours’ drive or a short flight from Windsor. Hair transplant patients who are ready for lasting confidence and hair they love choose the trusted leaders in this fast-advancing field. Our patients often say that they wish they’d had a permanent hair transplant years sooner. Though most people aren’t happy about it, losing hair is nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re trying to take back control of your locks and appearance, we can help.

Hair Transplant Windsor ON

Your Search is Over, Windsor

Hair Transplants Are a Natural Solution

Our patients often tell us that they’ve spent substantial time and money to cure or cover their hair loss. If you just started to notice a receding hairline or growing bald spot, you might feel desperate to try herbal remedies and topical potions that boast big promises. Though “natural” may sound appealing, the main cause of pattern hair loss unfortunately won’t respond to vitamins, oils, or massage. The root of your issue is likely androgenic alopecia.

If hair loss runs in your family, you can thank genetics for what is commonly called “male pattern baldness.” Up to 50% of women and roughly 80% of men say that they struggle with progressive balding. The culprit hormone is dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and if you suffer with androgenic alopecia, your follicles have a sensitivity to DHT. Fortunately, this condition tends to follow a predictable pattern, so through micro-surgical artistry, we can maximize the hair that you still have and take years off your appearance.

The treatment is drug-free and minimally invasive, and it replenishes your real, growing hair in the places you need it the most. Because the hair at the back and sides of the scalp is typically resistant to DHT, this hair takes root and stays put where it’s placed, producing long-lasting results. That’s why it’s a truly natural way to restore your hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Time for a Hair Transplant, Windsor?

Years ago, hair transplant results might have looked unnatural or obvious at times. The technology and methods available in the early stages were not nearly as advanced or detailed as today. While wigs, hair systems, and hair growth shampoos have also flooded the market in recent years, most people want a one-time, permanent restoration of their natural hair.

A hair transplant might your best option if

  • you don’t wish to camouflage your scalp or wear wigs or hats
  • you’re seeking drug-free hair growth
  • you’re willing to invest in your hair long-term
  • you want to bring back the thicker, youthful hairline that you had
  • you know that body positivity and self-esteem can be closely tied to how we look

Windsor Hair Transplant Clients Choose the Reputation of the THTC

At the THTC, we’re renowned for stunning hair transplant before and after results. However, we also have a glowing reputation for welcoming out-of-town guests and accommodating the busy schedules of our diverse clientele. Our sprawling, downtown Toronto clinic boasts 2 full-time hair procedure suites and numerous private suites for supportive therapies.

Our location provides convenient access to transit, plenty of parking, and world-class accommodations.

Windsor Hair Transplant: FUE Technology

FUE (follicular unit excision) is a minimally invasive and results-focused method of hair transplant surgery. Smart devices such as SmartGraft and NeoGraft allow skilled technicians to precisely extract follicles while preserving their health and reducing scalp trauma. That means a higher “take rate” with lasting transplant success and incredibly fast recovery times. Graft harvest sites are small (under 1 mm), so even short hairstyles conceal the tiny FUE scars, which look like dots dispersed strategically.

The procedure is so comfortable, our patients often remark that it was a relief to find the procedure day easy and enjoyable.

FUE Process

You will not need general anaesthetic for your hair transplant. Topical numbing agents and local anaesthetic keep you comfortable throughout. While our team works, you can scroll on your device, listen to music, and even nap!

We’ll shave a small area of your scalp where DHT-resistant follicles grow (typically, low at the back). Small groups of a few follicles are removed, and then the delicate grafts are inserted at strategic angles and patterns to mirror your natural hair growth where you want it.

Patients with short hairstyles can have a pre-haircut to blend in the donor area while healing. Recovery time is just 7 to 10 days, and you’ll be advised to make temporary adjustments like avoiding the gym, swimming pools, and direct pressure. Our patients can usually disguise their healing so they can keep their hair transplant discreet.

The best way to prepare for a hair transplant is to be ready with plenty of patience! That’s because the natural hair growth cycle can’t be rushed. You’ll need to wait 3 months to see new growth. The full results typically come in around 12 months.

A hair transplant can be the best investment in yourself. Real, healthy, stylable hair to run your fingers through will be worth the wait.

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Low-Level Laser Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant Solutions

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) scalp treatment is non-surgical and natural. Using a small sample of your blood, we can harness its healing, regenerative growth factors and stem cells to boost hair growth in just 3 months. You can choose PRP alone or combine it with your transplant.

Similarly, red and near-infrared light laser therapy stimulates cellular activity using photobiostimulation. The Theradome is an example of this painless, non-invasive technology used to trigger growth factors in hair follicles for men and women. LLLT is comfortable and requires no downtime at all.

Can Hair Loss Medication Be Beneficial?

Hair growth medication can be useful, but not for everyone. Windsor hair transplant patients and others from across Canada often tell us they’ve tried prescription solutions alone, with mediocre results. We deliver high satisfaction rates through combining the very best hair growth solutions. Sometimes that means maintaining hair transplant results with a medication like Propecia to minimize the DHT hormone linked to hair loss. Newly transplanted hair is permanent, because it’s taken from naturally DHT-resistant scalp zones. However, your native hair may continue to shed in balding areas. Protecting it can be a part of your long-term strategy to keep your hair.

Book Your Hair Transplant with Canada’s Best

Advanced FUE hair transplant methods are minimally invasive. However, they are surgery. Surgical risks may include infection, loss of grafts, or unexpected scarring. Your careful selection of knowledgeable plastic surgeons and a reputable, accredited surgical centre will help minimize those risks and ensure the outcomes that you’ll love for years to come. Our pre-procedure communication, detailed instructions, and individualized planning are as important as close follow-up care and guidance all through your journey.

Windsor hair transplant patients trust the THTC because of our before and after results, our professionalism, and a VIP experience they can count on.

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

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One of our doctors will meet you for a confidential consultation and planning. Our hair transplant manager helps streamline the client experience with explanations of our treatment options and a personalized quote to suit your schedule and budget.

During your first appointment, we’ll assess your level and type of hair loss, plus listen to your goals and concerns. When you’re ready to take back control of hair loss and make a dramatic, lasting change for the better, we’ll help you make it happen.

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