Stem Cell Banking

Stem Cell Banking

Cell Banking at the THTC: Saving Your Powerful Health Resources for the Future

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic is partnering with Toronto-based Acorn Bio Labs to bring our clients an incredible opportunity with limitless potential.

For the first time in Canada, cryogenically freezing follicle stem cells as a resource for future, innovative treatment is now possible for everyone.

Stem cell research has advanced to such a precise science that researchers are regenerating body tissues and reversing medical conditions or injuries that were once impossible. As advancements continue to be made in this exciting field, bio-hacking and regenerative medicine become more accessible to regular men and women like you.

When Should You Consider Banking Stem Cells?

Now is the time to save the healing, creative power of your stem cells for use in a thousand potential ways when you are older.

At the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, we’re looking closely at progress in hair follicle stem cell research for the creation of new hair follicles. The trajectory of this research indicates that there will come a time when hair transplant candidates aren’t required to have a significant amount of their own growing hair for transplant. They may not need any at all!

Imagine if you save your follicle stem cells while your hair is still growing thick and strong. One day when baldness takes hold, you might take advantage of your investment and replace everything you lost – naturally!

The implications for injury recovery, curing disease, and remarkable age-reversal medicine are the subject of many current scientific studies. Hair follicles, in particular, hold powerful growth factors and tissue regeneration potential, not just for hair.

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to be a world leader in advanced technology and treatment modalities. We continue to offer our discerning clients the best hair transplant methods, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), laser light therapy, and combination hair restoration plans.

Because we’re passionate about staying on the forefront of technological advancements in this field, we want to help you look ahead and ensure that you can take full advantage of the next generation of hair restoration when it arrives. The time to plan for the most confident future version of you is now.

Hair Follicle Stem Cells

What Is Hair Follicle Stem Cell Banking?

You might be aware of the process of freezing eggs or umbilical cord stem cells. This practice, while not yet mainstream, began to gain awareness and popularity roughly a decade ago. The concept behind it is that because your own cells are the healthiest, most reliable healers and builders that your body has, saving them in a cell “bank” is like freezing that potential in time, for when you may need it down the road.

Breakthroughs in the field of regenerative medicine are happening daily, and thousands of cell-based cosmetic treatments are currently undergoing clinical testing.

Out of the research laboratory setting and into your own hands, cell banking is now accessible, convenient, and inexpensive thanks to industry leaders Acorn Bio Labs.

Hair follicles contain keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and stem cells. These key building blocks for hair and skin diminish as we get older. Most people with male pattern hair loss begin to see thinning and bald spots appear in their middle years. Through storing precious, youthful follicle stem cells, you can ensure that you have these regenerative powerhouse cells to take advantage of before they diminish with age.

When hair transplant procedures advance to the point of total new hair follicle creation and implantation, we want you to have access.

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Stem Cell Banking in Toronto

Stem Cell Banking Can Freeze Your Aging Process

When your cells are cryogenically frozen at -196°C, the aging process and breakdown of vital cell components is halted in time.

People with the foresight to store them safely now can access them for any number of critical uses in the future.

A “fountain of youth” treatment that can preserve our vitality and youthful appearance represents a massive global market, because it speaks to fundamental desires shared by people of all walks of life across the globe. For this reason, breakthroughs in stem cell technology to halt or reverse ageing will continue to pass clinical trials and come to market. Will you be ready?

Current regenerative medicine research is changing the way that we treat disease and catastrophic injuries already. And, as is often the case, scientists quickly find aesthetic medicine and anti-aging applications for each new scientific breakthrough. We’re seeing progress made in halting the breakdown of telomeres and ageing factors in cells, genetic modification, cell repair, renewal, and replacement.

Even the most revolutionary aesthetic treatments can be only as potent as the cells used in their development. And nothing is a more natural match for your unique biology than your healthy cells.

Acorn, in partnership with the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, is now inviting clients to harvest quickly and easily, then cryogenically freeze their best hair follicle stem cells. We’re excited to bank for the future and offer the potential for leading-edge stem cell therapy in Toronto.

Our Collaboration with Acorn Biolabs Inc.

Stem Cell Banking Interview With Dr. Drew Taylor

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Stem Cell Banking by the THTC

How Does Toronto Stem Cell Banking Work?

Have you considered a hair transplant, but despaired because the men in your family tend to go completely bald? Some men can anticipate from a young age where their hairline recession is headed. Women also struggle with hair loss. Severe genetic hair loss tends to run a predictable course, leaving few intact follicles left for transplantation once it has progressed.

Having your own personalized and secure stem cell bank will allow you to access the very building blocks of your own hair and the power to grow it again in the future. As much as you need.

Hair follicle stem cells have also shown great promise in cosmetic medicine applications, anti-aging treatments, and myriad health and wellness therapies to take control of healthy aging and even reverse degenerative conditions.

When you bank cells, you buy your future self endless options for a small monthly fee. Consider it similar to the way that life insurance and other investments work. Except that in this case, cashing in on your insurance means that you’re improving how you look and feel.

Stem Cell Banking By THTC

Stem Cell Banking Cost

Currently, secure cryogenic freezing and storage services cost less than $15 per month. Many people spend more on coffee or snacks in a week, yet those small, consistent payments don’t pay them back in any way as they age.

Stem Cell Banking Process

Even though the concept may seem high-tech, the process of extracting and preserving your hair follicles is as simple as removing a small number of hairs at the root. There is no pain, recovery time, or health risk to worry about.

Stem Cell Storage Security

Is banking stem cells safe? Understandably, privacy and security are top concerns for our Toronto clients and for us as well. The THTC and Acorn clearly verify that your saved cells will not be used for any other purpose than your own. Your DNA, body tissues, data, and personal information will not be shared and will not be used for purposes outside of specific, contracted storage for your personal use. You remain in control. After all, that’s the spirit of what we’re striving for.

Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

Stem Cells and Your Hair Loss

Scientists have discovered an unexpected hair loss and aging factor. Northwestern University’s Dr. Yi observed hair follicle stem cells escaping the follicle, not dying in place.


When it comes to hair loss, understanding how and why hair follicles lose their function is the key to reversing balding and restoring hair growth. Research like Dr. Yi’s helps pinpoint ways in which our hair follicle stem cells can be used to intervene in a degenerative process that some people experience more than others.

Previously, it was generally accepted that the death of stem cells in the follicle caused hair loss. Using real-time, microscopic imaging of mice, Yi’s team of researchers observed stem cells altering their shape and moving out of holes in hair follicles. This observation led Dr. Yi to isolate 2 genes believed to be responsible for triggering the stem cells’ escape.

In the rapidly advancing hair restoration industry, next steps in research and development include interventions to keep stem cells in place, or refresh and replace them, targeting the root of hair loss.

The Future of Stem Cell Therapy Begins Now

The decisions that you make today can help secure a bright, healthy, and vibrant future.

As stem cell research reveals ways to grow organs, heal burn victims with bioprinted skin, and rapidly repair cartilage, ligament, and tendons, what was once considered a sci-fi concept has become the practical medicine of today and tomorrow.

With the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic and Acorn, you can bank your best stem cells today, ensuring that your most precious health resource – your own cells – will be in prime condition when you need them.

Call to discover how simple, non-invasive stem cell banking in Toronto can give you peace of mind about your future.

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