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If you are a man or woman seeking hair restoration in Toronto, you are not alone. More than half of men who are older than 50 will develop male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia at some point in their lives. Some studies have found that young men may begin to notice hair thinning and hair loss as young as age 21. These men will most likely seek solutions for hair restoration or transplant at some point in their lives.

Women also experience androgenic hair loss, typically related to hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause. Other causes could be anemia, extreme stress, braiding hair or using hair extensions. It is important to meet with your primary care physician in order to discuss possible health related reasons if you notice sudden changes like hair loss. The great news for those who suffer from permanent hair loss is that technology is moving fast in this area and innovative new solutions are more accessible than ever.

Hair Restoration Toronto

Hair Thinning And Baldness

For either gender, hair loss, hair thinning and baldness can cause feelings of anxiety, lack of confidence and depression. Fewer women sought hair transplants as a solution in the past but these percentages, especially for hairline and eyebrow restoration, are changing and as people feel more comfortable talking about it, many find it more socially acceptable to pursue hair transplantation treatment. Many men have bald areas in their facial hair growth patterns and hair transplantation in Toronto is also performed for facial hair loss such as filling out of patchy beards.

Hair Transplants

Hair Restoration Surgery

For those in the early stages of hair thinning, treatment with the help of medications or lasers can be effective. Many people have heard of Rogaine or minoxidil. These aren’t effective for everyone and unfortunately, will not grow hair where no follicle is functioning. . Though plenty of products and gimmicks exist which claim miracle properties, these are sure to be costly disappointments.

There is nothing that can look as real as your, real hair, artfully implanted and blended with the rest of your hair. There is no hassle or maintenance worry and washing, styling- everything you want to do with a real head of hair after your procedure- you can. These days permanent, surgical solutions have become mainstream and with downtime so minimal, an easier, discrete choice to make. Eventually, in order to treat more extensive, genetic hair loss or permanent changes to the hairline, many will turn to reliable, surgical options. Another excellent application for hair transplant surgery is for camouflaging existing scars on the scalp or face. Hair restoration surgery usually takes a full day and is performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

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Hair Restoration Toronto

Natural And Innovative

Choosing A Skilled Plastic Surgeon

After planning your new, natural hairline or transplant pattern with you, your Plastic Surgeon will be ready to begin your procedure. Your healthy hair follicles are painlessly, removed from the back or sides of the head where hair growth is more robust and usually considered permanent. The individual follicles are then carefully transplanted to areas where hair loss is occurring, taking great care to note angle and direction of hairs which best mimic natural growth.

You need a skilled Plastic Surgeon who is trained to hand-select and extract each graft, one at a time and who has the artistic eye for follicle placement- seamlessly blending with your natural hair. The precise and gentle approach means that follicles are not damaged, the growth cycle is not altered and success rates are higher than with previous techniques. The most innovative and natural-looking hair restorations are now possible in Toronto.

Recovery Time

In the past, hair transplant surgery meant scars, visible “plugs” and poor retention rates. New advances in robotic hair transplant technology mean that the old days of long recovery and painful procedures have gone. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction method and it is new, a micro-surgical technique which was designed to carefully, gently remove a tiny graft of tissue with hair follicles attached. Gentle, pneumatic suction is utilized to assist with follicle extraction, rather than the previous, rougher tactics, which could damage both, scalp tissue and hairs. The follicles are then implanted where they are needed, typically in the crown or around the receding hairline area. Because hair is usually thicker and stable at the back and sides, selectively removing the donor hairs will not leave visible spaces or telltale signs. The typical number grafts needed will depend on the patient and their target area. Many surgeries involve between 1,000 and 3,000 grafts, and your procedure could take 8-9 hours.


Follicular Unit Extraction

Recovery time from modern, FUE Hair transplantation in Toronto is considered to be relatively easy and uncomplicated. Compared with the older, Follicular unit micrografting method which removed a long strip of scalp from the back of the head and then divided follicles from that sample, FUE does not leave the linear scar or discomfort and achieves a higher, “take rate.” Because of the benefits for the patient, FUE is becoming the more popular choice. Some patients report mild discomfort at the transplant site and care for the area is advised for the first week. Regular activities will usually be resumed within a few days after your procedure and this makes scheduling convenient for busy people. The tiny extraction openings are expected to close and heal within a few days. There are no stitches and no wounds to hide.

Occasionally, a small number of hairs from the transplantation site will fall out in the first month and then regrow. Retention rates with this innovative approach are very good, however, with a retention rate of up to 94%. Patients report seeing new growth as early as 3 months after surgery.

Restore your Confidence

Follicular Unit Extraction

Complications from Hair transplant surgery are not typical however if the follicle grafts don’t establish well where they are grafted, your surgeon may follow up with further grafting and can also fill in thinner areas. The FUE approach is ideal for people who want to wear short hairstyles and show no visible signs of surgery. Toronto hair restoration begins with selecting a highly experienced hair transplant Plastic Surgeon. Ask about the latest transplant techniques so that you can start planning to restore your hair and restore your confidence.

Hair Restoration Toronto

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