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If you are living in the Toronto area and are looking for solutions to your hair loss, your best option is to visit the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson and the hair transplant manager Brian. During this initial consultation, you will be thoroughly assessed to determine the cause of your hair loss. We will then offer you a tailored hair restoration plan that is unique to your specific hair loss.

We are the leading hair restoration clinic in Toronto, and we offer all types of hair loss treatments. These hair restoration treatments include FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants, PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) treatments for hair restoration, SMP (scalp micropigmentation), Theradome, and SureThik. Other hair restoration treatments that we recommend are finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine).

Here is a brief description of each hair restoration treatment available to our patients in Toronto and from all over the world.


Latest FUE Technologies

Clinically Effective And Health Canada-Approved

The Theradome LH80 Pro has fused remarkable science, technology, and medicine and is a very effective treatment for hair loss with a simple device.

At the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, we have both of the latest FUE technologies available to us. We use NeoGraft and SmartGraft for our hair restoration patients. NeoGraft is the pioneer of the FUE automated technology, and SmartGraft is the latest upgrade of this type of FUE automated hair transplant technology. NeoGraft and SmartGraft restore hair by using a punch to harvest follicular grafts and store them in a sterile environment so that they can be counted and then implanted into the areas that were bald. This is the only hair restoration treatment that can actually get hair back in areas that have lost hair.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma is a very effective hair restoration treatment that works by stimulating and promoting the hair growth of every follicle that is still producing hair. This hair restoration procedure works great to not only stimulate new growth, but also to promote the healthy growth of the existing hairs. We recommend that almost all hair restoration patients include PRP in their hair restoration plans

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Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP)

SMP is Another Solution for Treating Hair Loss

SMP is more of a camouflage technique for certain hair loss patients. Scalp micro-pigmentation is a semi-permanent tattoo that is applied to the scalp to simulate the look of a shaved head. This hair restoration treatment works great for anyone who is comfortable with the shaved head look and just wants to add uniformity to the areas that are bald. Afterwards, the entire scalp looks like it has the same hair density when it is shaved. This treatment also works well to cover up previous FUT (follicular unit transplantation) scars or for adding density to hair transplants.

Theradome LLLT helmet

The Revivogen Hair Products are proven treatments for assisting in the treatment of hair loss as well as the improvement of overall hair quality. Most patients will start to notice improvement in 90 days with increased thickness of hair strands, overall density, and the prevention of hair thinning and shedding.

Other hair restoration treatments

SureThik is a specially formulated keratin hair fibre that can give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in areas where the hair is thinning. Finasteride works to stop the DHT hormone from killing hair follicles. Minoxidil will reverse the effects of miniaturization. If you live in Toronto and want to get your own hair restoration plan, contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic today.

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