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Hair Restoration Treatment

A great combination of treatments for hair loss is the combination of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments and LLLT (low-level laser therapy) from devices like Theradome’s LH80 PRO laser phototherapy helmet.

PRP is harvested from the blood stream of the patient. A simple process is used to extract that platelet-enhanced plasma from a patient’s blood. Then that PRP helps with the healing of injured cells in the body. Because of these restorative traits of PRP as well as the fact that PRP contains stem cells, which are proven to be very helpful in repairing and reversing inflammatory diseases, it is quickly becoming a very popular treatment for naturally promoting quick healing.

One of the most exciting discoveries for the use of PRP is treating hair loss. By injecting platelet-rich plasma directly into the balding and thinning areas of the scalp, the process has been shown to improve follicular function as well as promote the growth of new hairs. A fairly significant reduction of hair loss followed by an increase in hair density has also been shown to occur.

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Treating Androgenic Alopecia

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Some other uses for PRP include treatments in orthopedics, sports medicine/sports injuries, neurosurgery, spinal injuries, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery.

Treating androgenic alopecia with platelet-rich plasma is fast, effective, simple, and naturally therapeutic in fighting hair loss with no concerns of adverse side effects in both men and women.

Many studies are also showing some very positive results when PRP treatments are combined with a regular treatment of LLLT, or low-level laser therapy. Clinical studies have shown positive results in the hair restoration of patients when both LLLT and PRP are used. Like the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, many hair restoration specialists are also offering PRP injections in conjunction with LLLT to ensure optimal hair restoration treatment.

At the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer our patients LLLT/LPT (laser phototherapy) and PRP treatments so that all of our patients have access to the most effective hair loss treatments.

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Hair Restoration Treatments

Theradome’s LH80 PRO is designed specifically for hair restoration treatments while in the comfort of your own home. This latest technology uses 80 medical-grade laser diodes that promote the photobiostimulation of hair follicles. A great added feature of this technology is that it also comes with a variety of personal add-ons that patients may find very convenient, such as built-in speakers and a micro-USB port.

PRP treatments combined with LLLT/LPT are a clinically effective and powerful tool for hair restoration. Both methods have been proven to increase hair density and slow down shedding while promoting new hair growth in a way that is a natural medical alternative that poses no harm or side effects. By combining these two treatments, patients are well on their way to having a very powerful and effective treatment for fighting hair loss.

Natural Supplements

Hair Restoration Toronto

The best natural supplement that we have found is Nutrafol. This hair regrowth multivitamin promotes all 4 stages of hair growth and slows down hair loss. It contains a multitude of ingredients that are all tailored towards hair restoration. Natural supplements like saw palmetto and biotin are also a great way to treat hair loss without using any prescription medication.

If you want to know which hair growth treatment is best for you, contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic.

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