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The most important part of any hair transplant is making sure that an incredible and natural-looking hairline is created. The most important role that your hair plays is not to keep your head warm, but mostly to frame your face. A hairstyle can really change the entire look of a person. This is also the case with a receding hairline or balding in the hairline.

Dr. Torgerson always makes sure that the patients who come to the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic looking to restore their hairline get the very best hairline design and result possible.

The first step in any hairline restoration is to assess how many grafts will be needed to get the outcome that is desired by both patient and doctor. Density is very important in the frontal hairline because that is the first point of sight when looking at the level of hair loss in any patient. If you have hair in the frontal hairline but are bald in the crown, you would most likely say that you have a “bald spot”. But if you are bald in the front, then by most assumptions, you are bald. Men especially style their hair in the front where the hairline is. You really don’t see too many hairstyles that don’t include the frontal hairline. That is why when most men reach a certain level of hair loss, the only “style” that they have available to them is to shave their head. This is why it is so important to make sure that you create the very best frontal hairline possible.

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The shape of your hairline is also important. A very rounded hairline is very feminine and should be avoided by men. Temporal peaks form a masculine hairline, and some recession in these areas creates a very mature and masculine look. We have seen some very poorly designed hairlines in patients who have had previous hair transplants in the past. The very first thing that we do with those revisions is to improve these design errors. Very sharp edges and curves do not look natural in any hairline – unless you are Count Chocula.

It is also important to create symmetry in what is typically not very symmetrical. Most people will find that one side will bald faster than the other side in any hair loss. So it is important to determine which side needs the most attention and strategize on how to most effectively transplant the harvested grafts.

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Hairline Restoration - Hair Restoration Toronto


The last piece of the puzzle in any hair transplant, especially when it comes to hairline restoration, is to transplant the hairs in what we call an irregularly irregular pattern. That’s similar to an irregular sawtooth pattern. Our hair does not grow in a straight line like we see in the comic books. A tell-tale sign of a poor hair transplant is when you see a hairline that looks like the hairs are setup in a marching order and are all in a very distinct and straight line.

If you are looking for a great hairline restoration, contact us at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic.

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