Hair Transplant Treatment: Advantages & Disadvantages

Hair Transplant Advantages & Disadvantages

Hair Restoration Treatment

The loss of your hair can be disheartening, particularly since hair is often viewed as an important part of your identity and is highly valued in our society. While in some cases hair loss can be prevented through diet, exercise, and the careful selection of professional hair products, in most instances the cause is hereditary and thus cannot be prevented.

If you are considering a hair transplant procedure, contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic to schedule a consultation and discuss the best treatment for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, individual treatment plans and informing our clients about the advantages and disadvantages of hair transplant surgery to ensure that expectations are realistic and achievable.

Hair Transplant Treatment - Advantages And Disadvantages - Hair Restoration Toronto


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One of the biggest advantages of hair transplant surgery is that its effects are permanent. Although some patients may require more than one treatment to achieve their desired results, once the results are achieved, the new hair is there to stay. This means that unlike other hair loss treatments, such as Rogaine or Propecia, which require continual use, hair transplant surgery is more cost-effective.

In addition, the procedure is now so advanced that transplantation can ensure completely natural results. Using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, Dr. Torgerson’s team of hair transplant professionals carefully extracts hair follicles from a healthy donor site and relocates them to the patient’s area(s) of concern. The donor site will not be visible as in past methods and transplantation. FUE is done in such a way that you will have a natural-looking hairline that complements your features. The natural regrowth of your own real hair is better than any synthetic or camouflage technique. Even, consistent results can be seen within a few months of the procedure.

The treatment itself is safe and minimally invasive, requiring very little recovery time. So busy patients are able to return to work and regular activities within a week.

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While the advantages of hair transplant treatment generally outweigh the disadvantages, it is important to be aware of potential side effects before undergoing the procedure.

Although you will be provided with an antibiotic to prevent infection, infected hair follicles are a risk of the procedure. Some patients also develop ingrown hairs, which typically resolve themselves within a week or two. Two to three weeks after the procedure, you will experience the loss of a small percentage of the transplanted hair due to the natural hair growth process. While this is a normal part of recovery and not a cause for concern, it can be alarming for some patients. As part of the extraction process, some of the hair follicles may not make it to the re-growth stage. However, we take great care to ensure that donor hair is well preserved and that a large percentage provides abundant coverage.

Disadvantages (Continued)

Some patients will experience slight swelling of the forehead, but in a few cases, swelling may be significant and may even result in puffy or black eyes. A temporary decrease in scalp sensitivity is to be expected, but in rare instances, this can be permanent.

The results of hair transplant surgery depend on the skill of the medical team and the suitability of the patient. Dr. Torgerson is a qualified expert in the field with years of experience, in-depth practical knowledge, and a passion for helping patients restore their hairline and confidence. During your initial consultation, he will listen to your concerns and carefully assess your hair loss pattern, the texture of your hair, and the health and density of your prospective donor area to be sure that there is sufficient potential for transplantation. Dr. Torgerson will also estimate the number of grafts that can be transplanted to provide you with clear and realistic expectations for the procedure.

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