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Temporary hair loss can be caused by a number of things. Sometimes temporary hair loss can last for months and even years. If you are experiencing any type of hair loss, we recommend that you seek an assessment with Dr. Torgerson at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic. We will be able to determine what may be causing your hair loss as well as provide you with a hair restoration treatment plan that directly relates to your specific type of hair loss.

Two of the main causes of temporary hair loss and of a poor hair transplant result are iron or thyroid issues. The development of hypothyroidism can cause diffuse hair loss throughout the entire scalp. By treating the underlying thyroid hormone deficiency, a patient will be able to return the hair follicles to their normal growth cycle and therefore restore the areas of hair loss.


Hair Loss During or after Pregnancy

A severe lack of iron, including severe anemia caused by heavy menstruation and/or inadequate iron intake after pregnancy, can also lead to diffuse hair loss. In most cases, that type of hair loss can be corrected with some form of treatment, most likely an iron supplementation.

It is quite common for women to experience hair loss during or after pregnancy. This is caused by hormonal changes after a pregnancy that may cause an unusual amount of hair follicles to shift into their catagen or “shedding” phase. Due to an increased level of placental estrogen following a pregnancy, there is a pause in the catagen phase and an increase of hairs in the anagen (growth) phase. In the following months after a pregnancy, there is a subsequent drop of the higher estrogen levels, allowing more hairs to return to the catagen phase. Hair loss associated with pregnancy is temporary, and the hair will return after the cause has been balanced out.

Extreme levels of physical or emotional stress can occasionally be the cause of temporary hair loss. A serious illness or high fever can also be a cause of temporary hair loss. A wide range of emotional and physical stresses have been directly linked to the cause of an increased level of hair loss.

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Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is the most common type of temporary hair loss and can be caused by many different factors. Miniaturization or thinning hairs are also a common result of these conditions. The condition will typically occur several weeks following a traumatic event or serious illness. Another condition known as anagen effluvium will cause immediate hair loss following exposure to chemotherapy or toxic chemicals that are poisonous to the healthy hair follicle.

Most hair cycle changes that are related to stress and high fever are temporary. However, temporary hair loss can still be an issue for the patient who is suffering with the balding or thinning hair. Hair loss of any type can be an issue for almost all people who are experiencing it.

Temporary hair loss is still hair loss, and there are treatments available to help. If you are experiencing any type of hair loss, contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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