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Some people find that a new year is a great chance for a fresh start. That probably explains why we use this time of year to try to break old habits and try new things. Many people make new year’s resolutions to help bring about lifestyle changes that they’ve been putting off over the past year. The most common resolutions are quitting smoking and/or losing weight. The new year is a great time to start over and make some changes in your life, including for hair care.

Here are some tips to help you with your hair restoration journey in 2018.

Silk Pillowcases Are Pretty Nice

Investing in some high-quality silk pillowcases is a great place to start with your new year’s resolution of hair care. Silk has a smooth surface that will reduce the level of friction between your hair and the pillow. This will obviously lower your chances of waking up with split ends and that frizzy “bed head” look.

An added bonus is that not only are silk pillowcases a great way to keep your hair healthy, but your skin will also benefit because silk is hypoallergenic and less abrasive than most other fabrics.

Hair Care For The New Year

Make Your Own Hair Masks

It is not always necessary to purchase an expensive conditioner when you can just make your own that is just as effective using common ingredients that you have at home. Extra virgin olive oil, honey, and eggs are just some of these ingredients that have been shown to benefit the health of your hair. And the best part is that you probably already have most of these products in your fridge or kitchen cupboards!

Here is a great, easy-to-make and nourishing hair mask recipe: Combine 2 eggs, milk, olive oil, and lemon juice and whisk thoroughly. Wash your hair normally with shampoo, apply the mask, and let it sit on your hair for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair after 15 minutes and make sure that all the residue is gone. This will leave your hair feeling very soft and healthy in no time.

Schedule Regular Haircuts With a Professional

This is the most important new year’s hair restoration resolution and will keep your hair looking and feeling its best all year long. Having regular hair cuts and trims is essential for keeping split ends to a minimum while achieving fuller-looking hair.

It is not necessary to have a completely new hairstyle every time you visit the hairstylist. As the old saying goes, “Just a little off the top” will make a big difference in the quality of your hair. A good hairstylist will also have some great suggestions for you to manage your hair loss.

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Hair Care For The New Year

Consider A New Hair Loss Treatment

If you have already tried every hair care tip possible and are still seeing minimal results, it is time to look at a more permanent solution for your hair loss.

An FUE hair transplant will help you restore the hair that you have been missing – with permanent results – so you can enjoy that fuller head of hair that you have been wanting for many years.

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