Hair Loss Styling Tips For Women

Hair Loss Styling

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Hair loss can be very hard for a woman to deal with. Even if it is just thinning hair, or even worse, if it is almost bald, the appearance of the hair loss can be a living nightmare for a woman. The use of extensions, hairpieces, and wigs can give you back some confidence about your hair.

Women may experience hair loss or thinning for many reasons varying from genetics to hormonal imbalances to the side effects of chemotherapy. No matter what the cause, you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of a bald spot or thin hair as long as you are willing to try some alternative styling tips.

Hair Loss Styling Tips For Women

Is It Maybe Time To Consider A Wig?

The use of wigs and hairpieces can be the best solution for some women to disguise their hair loss.

Toupee-style hair pieces, which are designed to only cover a small area, are decent for women with a bald spot or thinning near the top of the scalp.

Extensions, which are primarily used for women who want to add length to their regular hair, can be used to replace or cover up lost or thinned hair. Women can even get extensions near the top of their scalp that blend in with the rest of their hair. If you have some hair underneath, even if it is thinning, you can get extensions added that are the same length as your hair to be used as a kind of filler.

Women with advanced hair loss who may be very self-conscious about it do have the option of wearing a full wig. Make sure you choose a higher-quality, natural hair wig that has a “breathable” base.

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Hair Loss Styling Tips For Women

Hiding Hair Loss Using Hair Dye

Hair colouring can be used to help mask your hair loss as well as make your hair look fuller and thicker.

Colour your hair with a slightly darker shade near the scalp area and then colour the remaining hair a shade lighter. This gives the illusion of fuller, denser hair and works to cover the thinning spots. It is worth having a professional stylist do this for you.

Styling Around Hair Loss

A good hairstyle can help you mask a bald spot and thinning hair. It’s not about having short hair versus long hair. It’s about the way your hair is cut and styled. There are ways to add more body to the hair to camouflage the area, no matter what the length is. To make the hair look fuller, it helps to have it cut in layers. In fact, every woman who has thinning hair should have a hairstyle that involves layers.

Another technique that works is to style your hair in a way that boosts volume. This will make your hair full and bouncy rather than having it lie flat against your head. Try using either Velcro rollers or hot rollers, a volume-adding mousse, or even a round brush and a blow dryer to style your hair. Try to avoid styling products than can weigh your hair down.

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