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Losing hair is never fun. Most people want to stop losing hair as well as restore the hair that they have already lost. The good news is that the hair loss treatment industry is continually making breakthroughs in available treatments for hair loss.

Half of the battle in hair loss treatment is putting the brakes on your hair loss. The 3 most proven and effective ways of doing this are 1) finasteride, known by the brand names Propecia or Proscar; 2) minoxidil, known as Rogaine; and 3) the latest treatment, PRP.

Finasteride works best at treating hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia or male /female pattern baldness. Hair loss in these cases is caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Finasteride works to stop the conversion of our androgens into this new hair-killing hormone and therefore is a very effective way of preventing further hair loss. Of course, any prescription drug comes with a slight chance of side effects and therefore isn’t for everyone. But at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, we will recommend that most patients try finasteride for a month or so and see if they have any adverse effects from it. If there are no side effects from taking this prescription medication, then by all means continue to take it daily because it can and will prevent further hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment - Hair Restoration Toronto

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Minoxidil can be used together with finasteride because it works on another layer of your hair loss. Rogaine works to reverse the effects of miniaturization. Before your hair falls out, it starts to thin or miniaturize. Minoxidil will take these thin hairs and keep them thick so that they don’t fall out. Some patients have complained that they lost a bunch of hair after stopping the use of minoxidil. That makes complete sense, because it was only because of the minoxidil that those hairs were still there. Once the effects of this drug wear off, so will the benefits.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is the latest and very effective way of not only slowing down hair loss but also restoring hair to its very best condition. By using our bodies’ own natural healing and growth factors, we are able to treat hair loss in a way that wasn’t available not so long ago. The results that we personally have seen at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic have been really great! The procedure is fairly affordable as well as completely safe and natural.

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Hair Loss Treatment - Hair Restoration Toronto

Hair Restoration

A hair transplant is the only truly effective way of getting back those hairs that have fallen out. The only cure for baldness at this point is a hair transplant. The limitation of a hair transplant though is that the patient wanting to restore a bald head back to the days when the hair was full is at the mercy of how many hairs are available in the donor area, found in the back of the head. The hair transplant surgery itself has come leaps and bounds though from the days of the hair plugs. FUE hair transplants are the latest, most effective form of hair transplants and offer the ability of restoring hair in that receding hairline or balding crown without the weeks of downtime and visible scarring on the back of the head. The results, if done properly by an experienced team of hair transplant specialists, will also look very natural. We have had patients tell us that their own parents don’t know that they have had a hair transplant!

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