FUE Toronto: Why You’ll Want to Consider This Method First

FUE Toronto

Why Consider This Method?

If your hair is thinning, you’ll want to consider FUE in Toronto first. Losing hair can shatter self-esteem and leave you feeling anxious about your appearance. There are many causes of hair fallout beyond genetics. These causes include scalp injury, medical conditions such as underactive thyroid or immune disorder, hormonal changes, and even emotional factors like stress. Some considerations for balding are temporary and reversible, but androgenic alopecia, known as pattern baldness, is not. The follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant is the best solution for balding.

Full, abundant hair is often synonymous with youth and beauty. So for many people, hair is a significant part of what makes them feel attractive.

Whether you’re a man or woman facing the loss of your hair, FUE in Toronto is an innovative hair transplant method that solves the limitations of the past. Until recently, transplant options required painful surgery with moderate success rates that inevitably left scars. With today’s medical and technological advancements, hair transplant surgeons can offer a more natural procedure with virtually invisible scarring.

Continue reading to learn why many consider FUE in Toronto to be the best hair transplant method.

FUE Toronto

FUE is Customizable

Follicular Unit Extraction

Short for follicular unit extraction, FUE is a hair restoration procedure designed to take hair follicle units from thicker growth areas on your scalp and redistribute them to where strands are thinning or bald. The ground-breaking NeoGraft and SmartGraft devices carefully excise micro-grafts of hair with the aid of suction. The precision punch tool that surrounds each follicle group extracts the roots and a small amount of surrounding tissue from the scalp. These sections measure less than 1 mm in diameter, so they don’t leave noticeable spaces or scars.

FUE is completely tailored to the individual. Everyone’s type and degree of hair loss are unique to them. Your surgeon will work with you to design a re-growth plan and an aesthetically pleasing hairline. They’ll map out the recipient areas on your head that mimic the hair’s normal direction and angle to ensure that you get the most natural-looking results possible.

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FUE Toronto - No Scarring

Toronto FUE is minimally invasive and leaves no visible scarring

Follicular Unit Transplantation

Older transplant techniques like follicular unit transplant, known as FUT or the strip method, leave large and readily apparent scars. That’s because the strip method requires a section of the scalp to be excised and then dissected for hair graft creation. It’s an invasive procedure that generally entails more downtime, more discomfort, and more risk of complication.

FUE in Toronto, on the other hand, has come a long way. It offers a discreet solution to hair loss and doesn’t leave any noticeable marks to give away the procedure. Privacy is vital to many of our clients. Men and women alike feel embarrassed about their hair loss problems, and when they choose surgery, they want flawless results without scars to give them away. We understand. That’s why these advanced hair transplant techniques are the leading favourite with hair surgeons and patients alike. FUE results allow you to wear your hair short or even buzzed without the tiny punch scars being visible. Most patients who follow all post-op advice given by their physician see their donor area heal quickly and get back to looking natural in a short period.

Because FUE is minimally invasive, you can expect a relatively pain-free experience. Surgeons use a local anaesthetic to make sure you are comfortable, and the technology used allows each hair follicle to be removed gently with uniform depth and technique. Since you’ll have no incisions or stitches to worry about, you’ll likely be back to your routine in a few days with just a few limitations.

The problem with the FUT hair transplant method is that only a limited amount of skin can be obtained from the scalp. That means most people can undergo only one or two treatments. With FUE, the number of times that you can have the treatment depends solely on your availability of healthy donor follicles. Your surgeon will be able to assess your areas of need and decide how many sessions will ensure that you get enough redistribution. Your transplanted hair will remain and grow where placed . . . permanently. However, genetic hair loss is a progressive condition, and over time, new spaces may open that require filling in. Especially if you’re young when you first undergo a hair transplant, FUE allows you to keep the results looking excellent over a long period of time.

Although FUE in Toronto might cost more than alternative procedures, most patients agree that the natural outcome they receive is worth the investment. The average number of grafts needed ranges from 500 to 2,500 in a single session. Each unit that holds 1 to 4 hairs costs between $5 and $6. These prices are subject to change.

Some people feel that cosmetic surgery is available only for wealthy individuals, and you might think you’ll have to wait several years to afford a fully restored head of hair. However, we don’t believe the inconvenience of a large, single payment should prevent our clients from beginning the journey of recreating their look and their confidence. That’s why we work with financing experts like Credit Medical and I-finance who have easy applications and high approval rates. Offsetting the FUE cost with multiple payments helps make it much more comfortable for many.

FUE Recovery & Results

A hair transplant can be among the most gratifying procedures for patients who want to stop their hair from deteriorating throughout their lives. The surgery itself has become undeniably fast, efficient, and impressive-looking than ever before. However, waiting for results is a lengthy process. Full-cycle hair growth can take up to a year. That’s why finding the best FUE doctor in Toronto will help ensure that you’ve got excellent grafts that are implanted as they should be and that you’ll have realistic expectations as you wait to see them fully mature.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a facial plastic surgeon with expertise in FUE and other hair restoration treatments. With years of experience focusing his practice on complex procedures of the head and neck, he understands the artistic and scientific components of excellent hair transplant results. We invite you to arrange a consultation at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic to see if an FUE hair transplant is right for you.

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