Fix Your Bare Facial Hair with FUE Transplants for the Face

Facial Hair Transplant

Fix Your Bare Facial Hair with FUE Transplants for the Face

FUE hair transplants have given millions of people renewed hope, confidence, and a fuller head of hair. Short for follicular unit extraction, FUE hair transplantation is a modern approach to restoration surgery that Toronto men and women can rely on for permanent results. You may be familiar with the surgical redistribution of follicles on the scalp, but did you know that facial hair can get a boost from this advanced procedure too?

Because FUE is so meticulous and extracts only micro-units of scalp and hair roots, the new digitally assisted technology can handle even the finest, high-detail hair transplant work. Your beard, sideburns, moustache, and even eyebrows can be missing, thinning, or sparse for a variety of reasons.

Facial Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

Why do people choose FUE hair transplants for the face?

Men often discover uneven or patchy growth as soon as they try to grow in a full, handsome beard. Women lose eyebrow hair due to over-tweezing, age, or health issues.

For people who have burns or scarring on their face, hairs don’t always grow in these areas and leave visible gaps in regular follicle distribution. An excellent way to blend in scars on the face or scalp where hair normally grows is with an FUE hair transplant.

Whatever your reason for losing facial hair, there’s a lasting, safe, and effective option to get it back, and it looks far more natural than the alternatives. That’s one of the best things about real FUE hair transplant results—they don’t look like tattoos, makeup, or topical products. They look just like authentic, growing hair—because they are.

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FUE hair transplants deliver detailed results

You may think only of hair loss on the scalp, but the inability to grow even, full, and youthful facial hair troubles many people. Men might think that their masculinity is diminished when they aren’t able to grow their beard in. As a common style choice today, beards are a desirable feature.

Eyebrows frame the eyes and can also make a person look younger when they’re full and even. Eyebrow microblading and makeup pencils are designed to “fill in” the brow and create the illusion of hair, but they rarely pass the test under close-up scrutiny. Plus, daily application or regular touch-ups make these options high-maintenance.

FUE hair transplants are for the face too. Unlike past procedures that required a strip of scalp to be excised or that implanted large, obvious plugs, today’s fine-tuned techniques implant micro-grafts. FUE hair transplant grafts contain between 1 and 4 individual follicles on average. For the face and detailed areas like the hairline, FUE hair transplant professionals will often transfer one single hair at a time. Your procedure may require anywhere from 100 to 1,000 grafts.

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Facial Hair Transplant

FUE Toronto

How is the procedure done?

Using tiny single-hair units, the healthy, densely growing hairs on your head can supply enough strands to fill in areas where you want facial hair. One at a time, hair transplant professionals can move growing follicles and implant them through tiny slits. A small, hand-held rotary punch device removes a little plug of tissue around hair roots that is so small that the opening closes within a few days and will be hard to spot once healed. Grafts are then inserted into fine slits made in the recipient skin and can begin establishing a new blood supply right away. Because the openings made for insertion are hair-thin, they heal without visible scars.

Because hair is typically harvested from the back of a person’s head, matching the beard or eyebrow colour is essential and relies on a detail-oriented surgeon. The patient should be aware that their new strands will grow faster than typical facial hair and need to be trimmed regularly.

Great news: FUE facial hair transplants allow for repeat sessions if you are building a result slowly or if your facial hair pattern and style change over time.

Want to learn more? Schedule an FUE consultation

Facial hair transplants with FUE are growing in popularity (pun intended). There are good reasons why more men and women opt for this solution over temporary products, medications, or camouflage. If you have live, growing hair follicles on your head, you may be a good candidate for this procedure. The best way to find out is to book your own personal appointment with a hair specialist.

Dr. Torgerson will review your medical history, listen to your goals and expectations, and examine your hair loss. He’ll create an entirely customized treatment plan for you and recommend your best options.

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Choose the Best FUE Facial Hair Transplant

Dr. Torgerson offers the highest standard of digitally assisted FUE with SmartGraft and NeoGraft systems. At his private surgical centre, the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, he treats men and women of all backgrounds for a variety of hair loss needs. Facial hair transplants require meticulous and artistic skill to place the hairs at just the right angle and density in their new home.

Because your face is quite visible, you know that the effects of your FUE transplant need to look completely natural, even up close. To ensure your satisfaction with the procedure, choose an experienced facial plastic surgeon with extensive hair transplant knowledge and practice.

Dr. Torgerson will explain how the natural growth cycle works and what to expect from the recovery of your FUE hair transplant. This procedure comes with minimal downtime and no noticeable scarring. You will have a few simple restrictions to follow for optimal results, such as avoiding swimming and other sources of infection until you have totally healed.

As well, you’ll have to keep in mind that hairs grow slowly, and it will be a few months before you see new ones sprouting up. The benefit that FUE facial hair transplant patients enjoy is their desired hair length is typically short, so they’ll see the length they want much faster than a scalp hair transplant patient.

If you’re ready to consider your options, including a facial hair transplant, and start planning, schedule a no-obligation consultation at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic. Let’s get started.

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