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These are the medical personnel that will help you from start to finish on your hair restoration journey. From administrative staff to FUE technicians, registered nurses, and our head and neck expert surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson, you can rest assured that you will be in the best of care at our facility. We always strive for great results!

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Dr. Torgerson Worried About Hair Loss

Worried About Hair Loss?

Dr. Torgerson Is Your Best Option

If you are worried about hair loss or have suffered from the effects of it already, please contact our hair transplant office to learn more about the options available for hair replacement and to learn why Dr. Torgerson is truly one of the best experts for you. We will be able to schedule you for a private consultation with Dr. Torgerson that lasts about half an hour. You will be free to discuss your areas of concern and learn if you are a suitable candidate for NeoGraft. If NeoGraft would not be a great option for you, Dr. Torgerson can discuss other possibilities to help begin to restore your hair and your confidence.

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