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Known As Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia Barbae is a very specific form of hair loss. Traditionally, Alopecia Areata describes a condition where hair loss occurs throughout the body, and Alopecia Barbae describes hair loss that occurs in the beard. For obvious reasons, Alopecia Barbae is noticeable only with men, because lower levels of testosterone in women would typically prevent the formation of facial hair (specifically beards) altogether.

Bald Patches in Beards

Why Do I Have Bald Patches?

Bald patches in beards are actually quite common among men. They can appear under the chin as well as on the sides of the neck, on the cheeks, and along the moustache region.

Alopecia Barbae Beard Transplant

Are Beard Transplants an Option?

Beard transplants are definitely an option for men who wish to reverse the signs of thinning or balding. In fact, we have had many existing patients request facial hair transplants. Men seeking beard transplants will often even reference the facial hair of specific Hollywood A-listers such as Ryan Reynolds.

Because the transplanted hair will come from the back of the head, it also requires us to match the natural colour of the area being transplanted. These hairs will initially grow faster and will require trimming for the first year or two.

Facial Hair Transplant

Advance Technology

NeoGraft Facial Hair Transplant is an innovative solution to hair loss problems for men and women. It is a huge improvement over traditional hair restoration surgeries that involve the removal of hair bearing strips of the scalp from the back and sides of the head, which are then transferred to the areas of baldness. NeoGraft hair transplant is better than these traditional surgeries, which also leave a noticeable permanent linear scar at the back of your scalp, caused by the removal of hair follicles. This technological advance in hair transplant surgery has led to the ability of surgeons to perform facial hair transplants. For example, they can give men the full beard lines they want or offer women a full, natural-looking eyebrow.

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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplants

Missing Eyebrows? We Can Fix

Women can start to see hair loss and missing eyebrows for many reasons. Alopecia Areata, genetics, and even over-plucking to name a few.

Neograft FUE hair transplant used for eyebrows is a highly successful and permanent solution for most of these cases.

It is also very important that the transplanted hairs for your eyebrows are done in a way that harmonizes well with your eyes. And for your beard, it is done in a way that follows the contours of your face and looks as natural as possible. Once we harvest the hair, we will also make sure that is implanted at the right angle to replicate the original growth.

How Does a Beard or Eye Brow Transplant Work?

A beard or eyebrow transplant works pretty much the same as a head hair transplant procedure does. First, you have a consultation with Dr. Torgerson, during which he will determine the likely cause of your hair loss and plan an effective treatment regimen. After making sure that you are a good candidate for a beard or eyebrow transplant, Dr. Torgerson will first identify a donor area that hair can be extracted from. This donor area is typically along the rear or side regions of the patient’s scalp – the same area that would be used for any hair transplant. Once we have extracted the required amount of hair, we transplant individual follicular units in the desired areas to restore bald areas and create a natural-looking beard.

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