What is Hair Replacement Surgery?

What Is Hair Replacement Surgery?

Hair Restoration

To date, there are countless approaches to dealing with alopecia, and they all boast their own unique benefits. Topical creams and foams, ingestible supplements, and hair pieces or styling products are all non-surgical ways of treating or masking hair loss. Though individuals may find success in using any of these, whether separately or in conjunction with one another, each possesses their own limitations and drawbacks, leading many to contemplate surgical options instead.

The hair restoration procedure is considered the most effective because it takes healthy hair follicles from other sections on the scalp – usually the back – and implants them into the areas where there are dead or dormant follicles to create fullness or rebuild a receded hairline. There are different extraction processes for this procedure. However, FUE NeoGraft has become one of the most advanced and popular methods of hair replacement surgery in Toronto and all throughout North America.

FUE NeoGraft Surgery

FUE Neograft Hair Replacement System

FUE, which stands for follicular unit extraction, is a hair extraction technique that, combined with NeoGraft’s cutting edge pneumatic medical apparatus, gently collects skin grafts with healthy hair follicles attached and implants them into the targeted locations with precision.

Unlike previous procedures used, FUE NeoGraft uses suction rather than incisions to remove the hair follicles, thereby preserving them during the extraction process. With alternative surgical methods, a long incision will be made across the back of the scalp, often leaving a scar. But with NeoGraft FUE surgery, nearly 1/3 of the donor hair is harvested throughout the entire area of the donor site. This means that the existing hair will conceal any evidence of the removal. And with a much less invasive process than other hair restoration surgeries, this leads to a faster recovery time with fewer complications.

Hair Replacement Surgery Toronto

Hair Transplant: Minimally InvasiveNo IncisionNo Scar
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Hair Transplant Case Studies

Results From Real Patients

Hair Transplant Case Studies

Results From Real Patients

  • Track Dave's Hairline

    Track Dave's Hairline

    See real patient before and after results

  • See Jim's Progress

    See Jim's Progress

    See real patient before and after results

  • See Andrew's Results

    See Andrew's Results

    See real patient before and after results

  • See Frank's Hairline

    See Frank's Hairline

    See real patient before and after results

  • See Tom's Transformation

    See Tom's Transformation

    See real patient before and after results

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Hair Replacement Surgery

Immediately following any hair replacement surgery, you will generally experience a few uncomfortable parts of the healing process. Slight bleeding, some scabbing, and the possibility of swelling are all normal during this phase and are no need for concern. Because this time is so critical for the healing process, however, it is vital to be mindful of movement around your new grafts to allow them to anchor securely. All of this generally takes place over the course of 7 to 10 days.

Following this, you will enter a new phase. With the healing complete, you will start to notice a regrowth of “baby hairs” from your implanted follicles. This generally occurs sometime between the third and sixth month after the procedure. Often this may be somewhat difficult to notice, as these hairs may be finer than others, but within 6 to 9 months, new hair growth becomes more prominent and the hair begins to fill in the areas that were previously thinner or entirely bald. Eventually, at approximately 9 months to 1 year, the transplanted hair reaches its full growth potential and the results are unmistakable.

Obviously, there are many factors to consider when seeking options for hair restoration in Toronto, and the ideal solution varies from patient to patient. Therefore, the first step to making an informed decision is consulting an experienced professional for their expert recommendations.

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