Differences Between Surgical And Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

There are multiple different treatments available to those who are looking to combat male pattern baldness, from non-surgical medications to surgical procedures.

These avenues boast their own benefits and shortcomings, depending on a variety of factors. Some seek to simply slow or stop the progress of thinning hair, while others wish to mask the appearance of a receded hairline or sparsely covered crown. Still, for those looking for their best options for hair restoration in Toronto, the most common desire is to recoup their lost hair by means of growing “new hair”.

For those hesitant to undergo surgical procedures, advancements have been made in the medical field that provide limited effectiveness when managing hair loss. Topical solutions such as minoxidil can be applied to the affected areas of the scalp. They typically have a modest success rate for most consumers. This type of medication, however, works only to impede the process of male pattern baldness and doesn’t always offer new hair growth for every person who uses the product. Moreover, this solution must be used with diligent consistency, and if at any time its use is discontinued, the hair loss will return.

Hair Replacement Surgery Toronto

For others, ingestible products are available by prescription. These pills generally work to regulate the body’s production of the DHT hormone, which in turn prevents the hormone from affecting hair growth. Some experts often prefer it to minoxidil, as they believe it to be superior in the fight against hair loss. However, much like the topical solutions, its effects are beneficial only while it is being used.

Surgical Hair Replacement

FUE Neograft Hair Restoration

Currently, surgery is inarguably the most successful form of hair loss management available. Finding a reputable source for hair replacement surgery in Toronto is a common pursuit for many. The procedure itself can be performed through a few different methods, but none with greater success and fewer complications than FUE NeoGraft hair restoration.

This approach uses donor hairs from various points along the back and sides of the scalp rather than requiring a long strip of follicles to be removed. Once those hairs are harvested, they are placed into recipient areas to rebuild receding hairlines and add hair to areas that are thinning or bald. The healing process typically lasts approximately 2 weeks. Between 9 months and 1 year following the procedure, new hair will start to grow. This method is preferred by many for several reasons, though the most notable is perhaps due to its ability to offer a more natural appearance than wigs or hairpieces while offering a solution that requires much less maintenance than topical creams and ingestible supplements.

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Hair Replacement Surgery Toronto

Surgical & Non-Surgical Options

Deciding Between The Two

Ultimately, the choice is a personal one. After examining all of the advantages and drawbacks of each method of hair restoration, it is up to the individual to decide. A person who is looking for the best treatment based on their own specific needs is encouraged to do research before making a final decision. Consulting a qualified professional is an excellent way to obtain all the relevant information and receive suitable recommendations, which the individual can then choose to follow or reject in favour of other options.

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