Why Should I Choose Neograft FUE?

Neograft Hair Loss Solution

You can do something about losing your hair!

Neograft is an incredible hair loss solution for men and women, mainly those who suffer genetically from losing their hair. In terms of Hair Transplantation, Neograft is the least invasive and has only minimal down time. Most patient are able to resume their normal routine within a few days. Best of all, Neograft is natural and uses your own hair!

In short, Neograft is an automated transplant system that removes hair follicles with suction, utilizing a punch to surround a follicle and remove it from the scalp.

It does not pull or twist the graft out, better preserving and protecting the delicate follicle. The donor hairs are chosen from the back and sides of the scalp where hair is considered permanent. These hairs are genetically able to resist testosterone and are best suited for your transplant since they belong to you. A small, circular pocket is left behind when the follicle is removed. After the healing time, there is there is no sign of their removal because approximately 1/3 of the donor hair is chosen throughout the overall donor site, so other hairs will cover any indication of removal. People will not even be able to tell which hairs have been transplanted.

Neograft Hair Restoration

Neograft Technology

Consistent Diameter & Length

Prior to the actual Neograft Treatment, the patient and surgeon will work together as a team to map out an aesthetically pleasing hairline. This is one of the most important factors in attaining a natural result- which is why choosing an experienced and reputable clinic is paramount. A properly trained and experienced Neograft team will create recipient sites on the scalp that are the proper direction, orientation and angle, ensuring a fuller, healthier head of hair.

On the day of the hair transplant, the scalp will be numbed with a local anaesthetic. Follicles will then be harvested from the donor sites at the back and sides of the head. Each extracted graft of hair will have the same consistency in diameter and length because of the Neograft technology. This directly impacts the take rate of the transplanted hair in the recipient site meaning a more successful hair transplant. The actual mechanical system of the Neograft technology is highly ergonomic and performs as an extension of the surgeon’s hand. The harvesting method employed allows for a more accurate harvesting of hair follicles and faster processing.

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Neograft Hair Loss Solution

Neograft Treatment

A Comfortable Progress

After harvesting and just before implantation, each donor follicle will be separated into hair grafts. Because one follicle can contain up to as many as four hairs, this can increased the amount of coverage in the recipient site if the follicles are separated. The entire Neograft treatment from start to finish can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on the number of grafts needed that day. Most patient comfortably will listen to music, watch TV or have a rest while the treatment progresses.

The transplanted hair will begin growing at around four months and patients can expect to see full results by the 1 year mark. Although it is a journey and changes are gradual, our existing patients know their hair growth was well worth the wait and would do it again in a heartbeat!

As a Toronto center for hair restoration, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for hair loss. If you want to learn more about F.U.E. hair transplant and find out if you are a suitable candidate, please contact our office to arrange a consultation!

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