What You Can and Can’t Do the Week After a Hair Transplant

How Long Before I Can Work Out Or Exercise Again?

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Post-op care is very important after a hair transplant. It is necessary to follow all of the post-op instructions that you have been given following your hair transplant procedure. But we get patients all the time who ask us what they are allowed and not allowed to do after the hair transplant surgery.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we get.

It is a good idea to take at least 7 days off from anything that will result in excess perspiration or cause you to strain and put pressure on the implanted grafts. Heavy lifting, running, and most exercises will cause both of these things. Any strain that puts pressure on the head runs the risk of “popping out” the transplanted grafts. Excess sweat can cause the area to become irritated and unclean. This can lead to infection and the killing of the transplanted follicle. So taking 1 week off of your exercise routine is really worth it. You can hit the gym strong again after 7 to 10 days. Make sure you follow up at your 1-week post-op appointment with Dr. Torgerson to be certain that you are ready to resume these activities.

What You Can and Can’t Do the Week After a Hair Transplant - Hair Transplant Treatment Toronto

Can I Smoke And Drink After The Procedure?

Smoking is not a good idea after any surgery. Nicotine is a vascular restrictor that slows down the much-needed blood flow to the areas of the transplanted grafts. So taking at least the first week off from smoking will help a lot with the healing portion of your hair transplant. Alcohol is also not a great idea immediately before or after a surgery because it thins the blood. This can lead to excessive bleeding and will take longer for the blood to clot and start to heal. So take a break from drinking alcohol for at least a few days before the procedure and the first week afterwards to make the process easier for you as well as for the doctor and team performing the procedure.

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When Can I Wash My Hair?

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You can wash your donor area the very next day. When you get up the next day after your hair transplant surgery, you can take off the bandaging and thoroughly scrub the back of your head to get all the dry blood off. Applying Polysporin for the next few days has also helped our patients with post-op healing in this area.

You can start to wash the transplanted area after 48 hours using a cup of water to rinse from the back of your head forward so as to not get any direct water pressure on the transplanted grafts. We also supply you with a spray-on shampoo so that you don’t need to rub the grafts in any way. Simply rinse using the cup of water, spray on the shampoo, work it into the hair gently using your fingers, and rinse it out using the cup of water. Another possible washing method is to use a sponge with some baby shampoo and just squeeze the water and shampoo onto the area. RUBBING THIS AREA IS NOT AN OPTION for the first week! This also includes when you dry the hair. Make sure to just “pat dry” your hair after washing it. It is okay to use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to style your hair as well. Just be careful to avoid contact with the grafts.

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