FUE Hair Transplant: The Surprising Reasons Some People Choose It

FUE Hair Transplant

The Surprising Reasons Some People Choose It

Think you know FUE hair transplants? Toronto men and women are catching on to this incredibly natural-looking, minimally invasive hair restoration procedure. We know that FUE (follicular unit extraction) can help restore the look of full hair permanently. That’s exciting news! But did you know it has a few other tricks up its sleeve too? When you search for the best hair transplant in Toronto, you’ll come across specialized practitioners offering more than just hair implants. The uses for innovative hair-grafting techniques expand every day, and the possibilities have become impressively diverse. FUE hair transplant in Toronto is for women, for facial hair restoration, hairline lowering, and even scar camouflage. Here we’ll explain the benefits of FUE hair transplant procedures and let you in on a couple of the surprising reasons people choose this popular restoration technique.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

Toronto’s Hair Loss Solution

What is FUE? This method of hair transplant has taken the lead as the preferred choice for male and female hair transplants. It doesn’t require a significant incision in the scalp with the typical stitches, prolonged healing time, and scar. That’s the primary reason why people are moving away from FUT (strip harvesting) whenever possible.

FUE hair transplants use a hand-held rotary punch device to remove just tiny segments of hair roots and scalp. The grafts extracted are small and shallow, measuring just 1 mm across or less. That means that follicles can be taken from the donor area and relocated to the recipient area one graft at a time. Sometimes the units are so small that they contain only a single hair. The recipient sites close quickly after the procedure — within a few days on average. Because the FUE scars are so small, they will typically blend into the surrounding hair without being noticeable once they’ve healed. That’s why this trending cosmetic surgery has the nickname “scar-less hair transplant”.

Conversely, FUT involves excising a long strip of scalp from the back of a person’s head. Strip surgery allows for the rapid removal of a high number of hair follicles from a localized spot. It can be preferable if balding is more severe or if a high number of grafts is needed, but the trade-off is visible, lengthy scarring at the back of the head, which may be hard to hide.

We’ll let you in on a trick that Toronto hair transplant surgeons know: FUE can camouflage FUT scars.

There are more ways to use this advanced procedure than many people know. We’ll outline 3 ways that FUE hair transplant is used beyond the restoration of hair at the crown.


Facial Hair Transplant Toronto

Did you know that people can have hair restoration surgery to fill in the hair of their beard, moustache, or eyebrows? You may have heard about tattoos for eyebrows, but nothing beats replacing real, growing hairs in the brows for the natural result it achieves. Because FUE hair transplants can move tiny, single-hair grafts, the delicate work of facial hair restoration can be done one follicle at a time.

Do you have a patchy beard? Do you have trouble growing one side of your mustache or difficulty growing in facial hair at all? Maybe you’re tired of grooming and want a maintenance-free, “just-groomed” look every day. Facial hair transplants can do that. For both men and women, thinning, sparse, or balding brows can affect their overall facial appearance. Restoring brows creates a full, healthy frame for the eyes. The best part is that unlike makeup or tattoos, the effects look 100% real up close (because it’s real hair). There’s no daily application of makeup or worry about fading.

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FUE Hair Transplant - Lowering Hairline

FUE Scar Camouflage

FUT Strip Method

One of the known issues for the FUT strip method is that a long, visible scar often results. It may heal thinly, or it may stretch more than expected due to scalp tension. Hair doesn’t grow in scars, so the best way to hide that strip is to implant FUE follicle grafts one by one. This can be done artfully to blend the FUT scar with the rest of the hair. When an FUE hair transplant is performed by skilled, experienced hair transplant professionals, the result can be flawless.

Toronto FUE Can Lower Your Hairline

FUE hair transplants can treat a high hairline. Sometimes combined with surgical hairline advancement, the process shortens an elongated forehead to bring the hairline down. When patients choose a hairline-lowering cosmetic surgery, the excess forehead skin is removed surgically, and the scalp is pulled forward slightly before being sutured. Ideally, a very fine, easily hidden scar will remain afterwards.

To create similar effects with an FUE hair transplant, the surgeon will map out a lower hairline that follows a realistic pattern. The follicles will be placed one by one to mimic the direction and design of hair growth generally found at the hairline. It’s essential that you choose an experienced hair transplant surgeon with the keen eye and artistic ability to create a soft edge. Individual strands placed in a randomized, diffused way avoid the harsh, fake look of implanted hairs. Donor grafts will be taken from the back of your scalp, where density and DHT resistance make for resilient, plentiful follicles. Depending on the number of grafts that you need, you may have a no-shave FUE hair transplant, avoiding any perceptible donor area or visible scarring.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

How To Choose a Toronto FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon

Are you interested in rejuvenating the look of your hair? Have you noted thinning or a receding hairline? Perhaps you have scars to cover up from past procedures, or you’re missing the uniformity of growth that you need for a full beard? You’ll be pleased to discover the diverse ways that modern FUE hair transplant methods solve hair loss problems and restore confidence.

When you visit the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, you can meet with a hair transplant surgeon and learn about the creative and successful ways that follicular unit extraction treats hair loss for women and men. Whether you need to fix that FUT scar, fill in your eyebrows (once and for all), or reframe your face with a lower, fuller hairline, this and so much more can be achieved through advanced hair transplant methods. In most of the above cases, just a week off to recover is all that’s required for your healthy new hair growth. If you’re considering Toronto hair transplant surgery, you’re invited to the THTC for a consultation.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a caring, experienced facial plastic surgeon plus an established FUE hair transplant specialist. He’ll meet with you one on one and listen to your goals and questions. Each client receives a personalized assessment and advice. We believe in customizing a unique approach for patients that will truly help them look and feel their best. Are you a candidate for FUE hair transplant? Contact us today and find out about all of your options.

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