Why Choose FUE Hair Transplant Treatment?


If you are troubled by excessive hair loss or premature balding, you may be wondering which treatments will really give you natural-looking, effective results. NeoGraft follicular unit extraction (FUE), also referred to as hair harvesting, is an innovative hair transplant treatment offered at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic. This advanced hair loss treatment is the most advanced option we have for safe, dramatic results that do not require visible scars or complex recovery.

Although the procedure itself is time-consuming, FUE hair transplant surgery is an efficient process. Healthy hair follicles are gently removed from a donor site at the back or sides of the head where hair follicles are proven resilient. These grafts are then relocated to the problem area. Our expert team skillfully applies the removed hair follicles, or grafts, to the balding area following the hairline designed by Dr. Torgerson to ensure that the results are natural. Unlike previous techniques, NeoGraft FUE is an extremely accurate procedure that yields consistent results.

Why Choose FUE Hair Transplant Treatment


FUE hair transplant treatment is an extremely safe and minimally invasive technique. Because the method used to remove hair follicles from the donor site does not require tissues to be excised in a linear strip (like the FUT method), you will experience little to no scarring and no tell-tale “donor” lines at the back of the head. The risk of infection is greatly minimized compared to old techniques. The careful suction extraction and transplantation technique of FUE also ensures that there is minimal damage to hair follicles.

In addition, the less invasive method of this technique means that the procedure itself is virtually painless. While patients may experience mild redness, swelling, and tenderness of the donor and recipient areas following the procedure, these side effects gradually dissipate within a week following treatment.

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Why Choose FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

Dramatic Results

While it may take 9 to 12 months to see the full outcome of an FUE hair transplant, the results are well worth the wait. Provided that there is sufficient hair growth in the donor area, NeoGraft FUE can lead to dramatic, natural results that subtly blend with your existing hair. The individual follicle grafts ensure that no visible “plugs” are seen post-transplant. Areas that were previously sparse or even bald will appear full again, which can significantly improve your appearance while simultaneously boosting your self-esteem. Although in some instances a second FUE hair transplant may be recommended due to the progressive nature of balding, this procedure is a permanent solution.

For the best results, it is imperative to work with an expert in the field. Dr. Torgerson is a leading specialist in head and neck procedures with over 18 years of post-secondary education and years of experience in hair loss restoration. The results, pictured on the before and after section of our website, speak for themselves. Contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic today to schedule a consultation. We will listen to your concerns and determine if you are a suitable candidate for FUE hair transplant treatment. Dr. Torgerson will assess your hair loss pattern, the health and density of your donor area, and the overall texture of your hair to ensure that this procedure is right for you.

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