Do I Need To Shave My Head For An FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplant

One of the biggest concerns that we get from patients interested in treating their hair loss is whether they need to shave their head for the procedure.

With the FUE hair transplant procedure, it is necessary to shave an area in the back of the scalp called the donor area. This is the place the grafts are taken from to replace the hair that has been lost. These follicles are immune to the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone that causes the hair loss on the top of the head. Therefore, these hairs are the perfect choice for providing a permanent solution to fixing the hair loss.

Do I Need To Shave My Head For An FUE Hair Transplant

Female Hair Loss

For most women, the thought of having to shave this area at the back of the head can be a bit of a traumatic thought. The good news is that we have done it quite a few times now and are getting much better at working out the finer details.

For women who have long hair in the back that is capable of covering up the shaved area, the solution is simple. We simply take the existing hair in that area and make sure to clip up the long hair on the top, sides, and bottom of the area that we need to shave so that once the area has been shaved and the harvesting of the donor grafts has been completed, the surrounding hair will be more then capable of covering this area up.

Another solution is to get hair extensions after the procedure. This is an added expense, but for most women, it is a worthwhile cost. At the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, we work with some amazing hair stylists to make sure that the procedure is as simple and cost-effective as possible. We can also schedule a pre-op appointment with a hair stylist to arrange for a strategy to make sure that the area that needs to be shaved is done in a way so that we can harvest it while also leaving it possible to get the best results with hair extensions afterwards. We always want our patients to get the very best turnout from everything that is connected to the procedure. We will, of course, also be sure to cover all of these details in our consultation.

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Do I Need To Shave My Head For An FUE Hair Transplant

Male Hair Loss

For men, this part of the procedure is usually a pretty straightforward step. The best part is that one of the trendiest new hairstyles is the fade. So we work with the amazing fade masters at Miami Fades to make sure that all of our male hair transplant patients get a great new look to prepare them for their hair transplant. Even with men who have long hair, we have solutions to suit every type of hairstyle so that your experience with the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic is the best it can be.

For most people, the shaved area will already start to grow in within the first week and will be completely covered by the first month.

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