Losing Confidence Because of Hair Loss? Restore Your Appearance with a Hair Transplant.

Men & Hair Loss

Hair Transplant Treatment

Thinning or balding hair is a reality for many men and women due to a number of factors, including stress, hormone change, medications, and medical conditions. For men, the most common cause of hair loss is genetic, relating to the paternal side of the family. This polygenic inheritance may cause men to begin losing hair as young as age 20. Because it is a progressive process, that type of hair loss will be significant over time.

Understandably, premature baldness can have a devastating effect on one’s confidence. Our society places great value on hair. As you are flooded with images of men who have thick, luscious locks, you may begin to feel as though you are missing something. In addition to feeling incomplete, since hair is often such an important part of an individual’s identity, people who experience hair loss often agonize over a solution.

Although there are many products on the market that claim to help restore your hairline, their ingredients and scientific basis range greatly, and most are ineffective. If you experience thinning hair or premature baldness, contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic for a consultation and learn how we can help you restore your hair and confidence.

Losing Confidence Because of Hair Loss - Restore Your Appearance with a Hair Transplant - Hair Transplant Treatment Toronto

Hair Transplant Technology

For A Long Lasting Solution

Hair transplant technology has improved significantly in recent years, often making it the best solution to thinning hair. Under the supervision of Dr. Cory Torgerson, a specialized expert in the field, the latest hair transplant surgery techniques lead to natural, healthy results. A hair transplant takes healthy hair from a donor site on the back or side of the head, where follicles are most robust, and relocates it to the treatment area at the front or top of the head. For patients who have an M-shaped or horseshoe-shaped hairline, this procedure can help turn back the hands of time by filling in the gaps and restoring their hairline to its previous state.

NeoGraft follicular unit extraction (FUE) is an advanced hair transplant technique offered at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic. Rather than excise a large strip of scalp, individual hair follicles are carefully extracted through a gentle suction technique from the healthy donor site. These hair follicles, referred to as grafts, are then placed one by one into the area of concern where balding is present. This is a meticulous procedure, as the hair transplant technicians work carefully to ensure that they cover the balding area. This restores fullness while also creating a natural, even hairline that follows realistic hair growth pattern, direction, and shape. Due to the detailed nature of this procedure, it is crucial that a trained, skilled professional perform the FUE hair transplant procedure.

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Losing Confidence Because of Hair Loss - Restore Your Appearance with a Hair Transplant - Hair Transplant Treatment Toronto

Surgical Advances

Hair Loss Treatment

The latest surgical advances in this exciting field ensure that the old, unnatural, “hair plug” look or significant scars are no longer a necessity for hair transplant recipients. Although it may take up to a year to see the final results of hair transplant surgery, over time you will notice a significant improvement in both your hairline and your self-esteem. The restoration of your hairline not only improves overall appearance, it can also make you appear younger and healthier.  So just as hair loss and premature balding frequently cause people to feel incomplete, hair restoration can help people feel like themselves again.

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