Hair Fall

Hair Fall

Hair Transplant Treatment

It is normal to have some hair fall happening on a daily basis. Most people will lose up to 100 hairs per day. This is nothing to be concerned about. But if you are noticing large amounts of hair accumulating in combs and brushes or plugging up your drain, it may be time to seek some sort of treatment for your hair fall.

The most common reason for hair fall is androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as male or female pattern baldness. This hair loss is caused by a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that attacks the hair follicles located on the top and crown of the head. The hairs along the side and back of the head are immune to this hormone, so they do not fall out in any way that is of concern. Patients can have varying levels of this type of hair loss, and some patients may lose all of the hair affected by the DHT as soon as their early twenties. Others can last into their 80s and still be holding on to some hairs.

Hair Fall - Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair Fall Treatments

For A Long Lasting Solution

The most effective hair fall treatments for this type of hair loss are Propecia, Rogaine, and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. These are the top 3 hair fall treatments that we recommend at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic.

Propecia works to block the conversion to DHT. This means that fewer hairs will be attacked and therefore fewer hairs will fall out. Propecia or finasteride works very well for about 90% of men who take it. However, 10% of men who take it can experience some side effects, which include the loss of sexual libido as well as erectile dysfunction. We always recommend that a patient at least try finasteride to see if it will work for them without the side effects. If they feel any differently within the first year, they can simply stop. The effects will wear off, and they will have no long-term effects.

Rogaine or minoxidil works well to reverse the effects of miniaturization. By doing so, these thinning hairs will stop falling out. Rogaine works very well for almost 70% of the patients who try it. It will continue to work well as long as patients continue to use it. Some patients have complained that they lost hair once they stopped using it. We tell them that this makes sense and shows that the minoxidil was working for them. If it wasn’t for the Rogaine, these patients would have lost those hairs much sooner. The effects of the drug will wear off, and therefore, so will the results.

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Hair Fall - Hair Transplant Treatment


Hair Loss Treatment

PRP does a multitude of great things for our hair, including stopping hair fall. We highly recommend this treatment to most of our hair fall patients because it has so many uses and efficacy in treating many different forms of hair loss.

There are many things that can cause hair fall. It is very important that you seek the advice of a specialist like Dr. Torgerson at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic if you are finding higher levels of hair fall than normal.

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