Hair Transplant in Toronto or PRP? A Guide to Choosing the One You Need

Hair Transplant Toronto or PRP?

A Guide to Choosing the One You Need

People who visit Dr. Torgerson for hair transplant in Toronto often gain incredible insights when they first come to the clinic. Like many people, they assume that anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning would be a candidate for surgical restoration like an FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant. But the face of Toronto’s hair transplant industry is changing and evolving to include highly customized and diverse options like PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy). This ensures that people get just the right treatment for them, not a one-size-fits-all transplant. Are you trying to decide between a hair transplant and PRP? This guide will help you choose which one you need.

The truth is, a full FUE hair transplant procedure isn’t the best route for everyone . . . or at least not yet. For some people, PRP is the surgery-free, drug-free way to boost hair growth before they’re ready to opt for a more invasive treatment.

Have you heard what PRP can do? Toronto hair transplant surgeons are using this incredible natural product to accelerate the results of their hair implant procedures and to prevent hair fallout. So which of these leading treatment choices suits you best? Here we’ll outline who makes an excellent candidate for either so you can decide on your next steps.

Hair Transplant Toronto - PRP vs Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Toronto

Dr. Torgerson’s Specialty

Our private cosmetic surgery centre in Yorkville offers state-of-the-art FUE hair transplants, which carry minimal downtime and virtually invisible scars.

Even though surgical restoration is a permanent and highly satisfying procedure, due to hair transplant cost and the more invasive nature of the treatment, some people prefer to try other options first. Additionally, depending on their existing hair and needs, some people are not ideal candidates for hair transplant in Toronto.

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Hair Transplant Toronto

Hair Transplant Toronto

Why are hair transplants expensive?

Age –
Men who’ve just begun to shed hair don’t often make good candidates for a hair transplant in Toronto because they’ll continue to see progressive loss over several years. At the first sign of a receding hairline or bald spot, rushing to replace follicles means only that they’ll thrive while native hairs continue to fall out. The result of intervening too quickly can look undesirable to say the least. Follow-up procedures will be needed to chase the hairline and fill in new areas.

Severity of hair loss –
The hair transplant price is affected by how many grafts are required to meet your goals. At some point, if the bald area is too large or too few donor hairs are available, a hair transplant result won’t be pleasing. The candidate must have a sufficient supply of DHT-resistant donor hair. (DHT is the hormone that causes baldness). That hair is usually at the back and sides of the head in men. For women, the problem of widespread hair thinning, which follows a more diffuse pattern, can make isolating enough donor grafts challenging. Meeting with a Toronto hair transplant surgeon in person allows for a thorough scalp assessment, discussion, and detailed plan to be formulated according to your situation. Meeting face to face for a consultation is the best way to learn whether you’re a good candidate for hair transplant or if you need to consider alternatives.

Which Procedure to Choose?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) instead of Hair Transplant or Combined

Have you heard about the cell-boosting power contained in your own blood? PRP has taken the cosmetic industry by storm recently. However, decades ago it began changing lives as it accelerated healing after surgery, sports injuries, burns, and more. The platelets in your blood can be separated from the red and white cells with a simple, quick centrifuge treatment. The clear-ish fluid is then drawn up in syringes and injected to the target area. In the case of PRP for hair, meticulous, shallow injections are spaced roughly 1 cm apart across the scalp where the concentrated plasma can directly nourish hair follicles.

The best part? This treatment is easy. With roughly 20 ml of blood drawn from your arm during a quick in-office treatment, you can supply natural proteins, cytokines, growth factors, and stem cells to the roots of your hair. PRP stimulates new blood vessel formation and is believed to trigger hair cells to grow. It may even waken dormant follicles. For this reason, patients seeking a drug-free, 100% natural way to stimulate their hair choose PRP treatment and love the results. There’s no downtime to worry about, and patients can be in and out of the office within an hour. To see optimal outcomes, we recommend a series of at least 3 sessions to affect hair roots through all phases of the growth cycle. Once the desired fullness and density grows in, you can maintain results with just one or two treatments per year.

Toronto hair transplant patients want to get the most impressive results they can for their financial and time investment. The cost per graft for hair transplant in Toronto is anywhere from $5 to $6 on average. In Oakville or Mississauga, hair transplant prices are similar.

Before you fly overseas for a hair transplant in Turkey or India, where cheap mega transplant sessions are promised, it’s critical that you understand what makes hair restoration successful. It’s not a numbers game where the most grafts transferred wins. In fact, paying a low price for a hair transplant done poorly will cost you in many unfortunate ways. Instead, Toronto hair transplant specialists have found that the best way to maximize the cost of a hair transplant is to couple the procedure with the rapid healing power of PRP. The addition of this anti-inflammatory plasma after the transplant means that patients heal faster and each valuable hair graft is immediately nourished with the maximum blood flow. The cells receive signals to establish themselves, proliferate, and grow.

When used in conjunction with an FUE hair transplant, PRP encourages newly implanted follicles to enter an active growth phase. That means you’ll see results faster. There’s no better or more natural way to amplify your treatment and gain the greatest return possible on your investment.

Anyone with androgenic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness, or with traction alopecia and other forms of loss, can benefit from PRP. Though PRP won’t regrow hair in areas where there are no active follicles, there is evidence to suggest that it can revitalize hairs that are miniaturizing or dormant.

If you’re not ready to pay higher hair transplant costs in Toronto or you’re just beginning to see thinning and want to take a natural first step, PRP could be right for you. Hair transplants are permanent, whereas PRP is not. Nevertheless, the benefits of PRP are very long-lasting and simple to maintain over the years.

When you plan your hair transplant in Toronto, Dr. Torgerson will be happy to share with you all the ways you can improve your results and customize your treatment plan. Dr. Torgerson offers no-obligation hair transplant consultations, so you can come meet him, have a personal assessment, and ask all the questions you need without any pressure to book a procedure. We believe that people who are well informed feel more confident and ultimately more satisfied with their choices. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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