PRP Hair Treatment in Toronto – Here’s What to Expect

PRP Hair Treatment in Toronto

Here’s What to Expect

Experiencing hair loss? You’re not alone. Any level of hair loss can feel disheartening. Maybe you’re wondering if there’s a way to restore your hair, but you’re unsure about cost or safety. You might be looking for a surgery-free and drug-free treatment like PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) in Toronto. The good news is that you can improve the look and volume of your hair without medications and without surgery. Choosing to regrow hair with platelet-rich plasma is becoming a highly sought-after option. If you’re like a lot of people interested in PRP, you’re probably not clear on exactly how this hair treatment works or what to expect. Don’t worry; we’re here to help put your mind at ease and get you thoroughly prepared.

PRP Treatment Toronto

Toronto PRP treatment

Does it really promote hair growth?

PRP injections for hair are new in the world of hair restoration, but they are not new to established medical treatment. This innovative, non-surgical procedure works by injecting your blood’s platelet-rich plasma into the areas of hair loss. PRP treatments in Toronto hair transplant clinics are now being used to stimulate dormant follicles, increase density, and promote hair cell growth. The non-surgical therapy is also proving useful to expedite the healing process after a hair transplant surgery.

Doctors are pleased with the benefits of this treatment, in part because the whole process is so safe and natural. That means that PRP is an option for a wide variety of people and carries very few risks. Before it was used to stimulate hair growth, platelet-rich plasma was well established as a healing agent in sports medicine, dental and facial surgery, arthritis and joint pain, and even cardiac surgery.

Studies are ongoing to measure and quantify the value of PRP use in hair treatment. The preliminary benefits are impressive, however. An average of 30% to 40% improvement in growth, density, and hair thickness is usually reported after 1 treatment.

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PRP Treatment Toronto

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

The science behind PRP

This simple, in-office therapy utilizes platelets from your blood, which play an essential part in your body’s healing process. Platelets are your first defence against bleeding, and they stimulate the healing of skin and tissue. Blood contains red and white cells plus platelets, and we separate just the clear serum and platelets for this targeted treatment. Naturally, platelets send signals to damaged cells to regenerate, and they stimulate angiogenesis (blood vessel formation). Fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin, which form the structure and matrix for new cell growth are bolstered by PRP application. Hair stem cells within follicles accelerate their growth and have shown measurable increases in shaft thickness after treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma has been used in other medical fields for decades to promote healing after surgery or severe injuries like burns. Hair transplant surgeons utilizing these healing benefits in conjunction with transplantation soon discovered that PRP could also be used on its own to encourage hair growth. It’s now one of the leading non-surgical methods of preventing hair loss and increasing hair thickness.

You might be wondering how long the procedure takes or how many PRP injections are needed for hair. Typically, you’ll need 3 short treatments in 1-month intervals for optimal results. Each treatment lasts around 30 minutes, and you will be given a local anaesthetic to diminish any discomfort from the injections. It’s a convenient, in-office procedure with no downtime afterwards. That means you can schedule a session at any time during your day and not miss a beat.

Within a few short months of PRP treatment in Toronto, patients have reported noticeable, lasting results. Research is also showing that yearly injections can maintain the volume of your hair.

Note: If you’re planning a hair transplant and wondering about the benefits of PRP, it’s true that platelet-rich plasma can be used in conjunction with the transplant to enhance your results.

PRP treatment is 100% natural and drug-free, because it uses your own blood’s powerful healing properties. During your procedure, a couple of tablespoons of blood will be drawn and placed in a centrifuge, then spun to separate the platelets. The solution is then injected with a fine needle in shallow, patterned intervals across the scalp.

Moreover, since there are no foreign bodies, medications, or animal products being introduced, it poses no allergy risk and carries a minimal infection risk. This is an ideal solution for people who wish to avoid surgery or for whom living a toxin-free lifestyle is essential.

After your session, you won’t see any incisions, bleeding, or injury. The scalp is sometimes sensitive for a day or two, depending on your personal response, but this is described as tolerable and not painful. You won’t need any time off to recover, and that’s the key selling point for many people. As well, there’s no aftercare required.

This hair growth boost can work for anyone. We’ve seen amazing results in both men and women. Age and background are not limiting factors. Because of our current social media pressures, people are seeking hair treatments at younger ages than ever before. Because young clients often don’t make good hair surgery candidates, treatments like PRP for hair loss offer a risk-free alternative. This type of hair restoration is also more affordable than a transplant. An average PRP treatment costs around $1,200 plus tax and approximately $3,000 for a package of 3 (prices are subject to change with time).

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a leading specialist in facial cosmetic surgery and otolaryngology with specific expertise in hair transplantation and restoration. He has years of experience performing hair procedures for a diverse clientele and is well versed in all varieties of alopecia. If you’re considering PRP hair treatment in Toronto, Dr. Torgerson would be happy to consult with you. Clients at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic can expect a friendly and thorough examination with customized planning. We’re dedicated to making your aesthetic goals a reality. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and find out what solutions we have in store for you.

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