The Hairline Is The Most Important Part Of A Hair Transplant


A person’s hair plays a strong role in their overall appearance and is one of the main characteristics in describing someone (e.g. blonde, long hair, bald). Male pattern baldness generally starts as a recession of hairline in the frontal hairline and temporal regions. Because this is the first thing that a person notices when identifying hair loss, the hairline is the most important part of a hair transplant. Without a frontal hair line to frame your face, you are considered “bald”.

Hair loss can be caused by androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), certain auto-immune problems, or hormonal problems such as a thyroid problem. Whatever may be causing the hair loss, the primary goal of treatment is to restore the hair that was lost in a way that is effective and long-term.

The Hairline is the Most Important Part of a Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Procedure

The hairline is the most important step in any hair transplant procedure. A receding hairline can give the impression that you are older then you are. A great hairline design will frame your face and create the appearance that you have hair when you might only actually have hair in the frontal hair line.

While re-creating and designing the perfect hairline for you, the important question is where to place it.

Dr. Torgerson always ensures that the hairline is placed in a position on the scalp that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also sustainable over time. Dr. Torgerson will assess the scalp, keeping in mind the possibility of future hair loss as well as the amount of grafts available for the procedure. In a frontal hairline, the density of hairs is the most important part. If a hairline is spread out too much, the result will be a very thin area of coverage that didn’t maximize the amount of grafts available.

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The Hairline is the Most Important Part of a Hair Transplant

Facial Characteristics

A great hairline should not look obvious and should be created to maximize the facial characteristics of the patient. The general recommendation is to follow the one-third rule. Typically, the face is divided as follows:

  1. one third from the lower part of the chin to the base of the nose,
  2. one third from the base of the nose to the eyebrows, and
  3. one third from the eyebrows to the lower part of the frontal hairline.

The hairline should never be much lower than the natural hairline. In some cases, it is recommended to go for a slightly higher hairline.

The hair line should be created in such a way that it looks age-appropriate and complements the face. Otherwise, it will look unnatural.

Higher Hairline

It is important to understand that a natural hairline is not symmetrical and straight. Instead, it is asymmetrical with irregularities. When creating a hair line, it is important to create an “irregularly irregular” pattern.

When choosing what hair restoration doctor is the right for for you, make sure that you choose a hair transplant doctor who has an artistic eye. Dr. Torgerson is a facial cosmetic surgeon with a very artistic eye, so you can rest assured that he will design the perfect hairline for you.

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