Learn The Commonly Used Terms at Your Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

Commonly Used Terms at Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

Alopecia –A medical term for a partial or complete absence of hair, also known as baldness

Androgenic alopecia – The most common type of baldness, which is typically hereditary and controlled by hormones

Alopecia areta – Characterized by bald spots on the scalp and usually the result of an autoimmune disease

Alopecia reduction – A procedure where the balding strip is removed from the scalp and the remaining scalp is stretched into place

Crown area – The top or back of the head; usually the first place where male pattern baldness is noticeable

Donor area – The area above the ears and back of the head where hair follicles typically continue to grow throughout one’s life


Toronto Hair Transplant Terms

Female pattern baldness – Thinning of hair behind the frontal hairline, sometimes accompanied by thinning at the temples

Follicular unit – A grouping of 1 to 4 hair follicles

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) – A technique where single follicular units are extracted one at a time using a punch excision. Most treatments at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic are done with this popular method.

Follicular unit graft – A graft consisting of a single follicular unit

Follicular unit micrografting – A technique to harvest a large number of follicular units at once

Grafting – A procedure where skin with hair is removed from the lower scalp and transplanted to thinning areas

Hair grafts – Follicles that have been harvested and are ready to be transplanted

Hairline refinement – Advanced grafting techniques that alter the results of a previous hair transplant for a softer and more natural hairline

Male pattern baldness – Type of hair loss that typically begins with a recession of the hairline as well as thinning of the crown. It can sometimes lead to complete baldness at the top of the scalp.

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Micrograft – A graft of 1 to 2 hairs

Minigraft – A graft of 3 to 4 hairs

Multi-unit graft (MUG) – A graft containing two or more follicular units – this term replaces “minigraft”

Norwood Scale – A spectrum used to classify the extent of male pattern baldness

Scalp reduction – A procedure to remove bald areas of scalp and stretch the edges of remaining scalp together

Scalp rotation flaps – A procedure to lift and rotate a strip of the scalp with hair and transplant it to a balding area

Telogen effluvium – A condition that occurs when stress triggers the hair to prematurely go into the resting stage

Tissue expander – This is a balloon-like device typically used to enlarge the areas with hair on the sides of the head. This can help create a larger donor area of hair to transplant to the balder areas. This technique is most commonly used in hair flap techniques and scalp reductions.

Tissue extender – A device used to stretch the sides of the scalp to help eliminate bald areas. The extender is usually temporarily inserted below the scalp for a 3-week period.

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