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Hair Transplant

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A quick online search turns up hair transplant before and after results from Canada and around the globe. If you’re experiencing thinning or balding hair, you may have considered the possibility of a restoration procedure. Unfortunately, many people still have negative ideas about what a hair transplant before and after looks like. Those who don’t know much about modern hair transplant techniques might think that implanted follicles will look obvious and everyone will know they’ve had a procedure done.

Thankfully, in skilled hands, that’s far from the truth. In fact, modern hair restoration methods are so advanced that they can provide fuller hair with no visible scarring, minimal discomfort, and hardly any downtime.

Hair Transplant Before and After

Hair Transplant

Before and After Questions

You’re bound to have lots of questions like “Is hair transplant permanent?” or “Can a hair transplant fail?” The first thing to know if you’re exploring hair surgery as an option is that hair re-growth takes time. Your hair transplant before and after results won’t be visible immediately after your procedure. This is because your newly implanted follicles need several months to restart their natural growth cycle.

To help you understand this process, we’ve compiled a list of the key benefits to expect after your hair transplant and when they will occur. It’s essential to understand this timeline so that you’re not discouraged when your full results aren’t visible right away.

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One of the main advantages of the newest hair transplant methods like follicular unit extraction (FUE) is that they can give you a natural hair transplant result. FUE is the most advanced type of hair transplant. It’s a significant improvement on older techniques like the strip method (FUT), which left a long and noticeable scar. FUE uses innovative technology to remove individual hair follicles and insert them one by one where they’re needed. Cosmetic surgeons who perform FUE map out exactly where to put the hair grafts to create the desired look. Each follicle unit contains between 1 and 4 hairs, and your surgeon can sort and insert them at a realistic angle and density. The advanced NeoGraft device leaves tiny, virtually invisible scars that will be covered as hair re-grows, making your procedure undetectable to most observers.

Your hair is a big part of your identity, and it’s what makes you unique. Once full re-growth has occurred, your thicker and youthful hairline will enhance your appearance and bring newfound confidence. However, just how long will you wait until your hair transplant before and after is fully apparent? Here’s a timeline of each stage of growth that you’ll experience post-op:

Step 1: Resting phase

In the first four months, you may feel a bit disheartened if you aren’t prepared. After about 2 weeks, the newly implanted hairs will shed. Don’t worry; this is only temporary. Once the hair has fallen out, the follicles will begin a stage called telogen, which is a resting stage. It’s a regular part of your hair’s growth cycle that may continue for a few weeks to a few months before new hairs start to emerge.

Step 2: Active growth

When you start to see new growth, that means that your follicles have moved into a phase called anagen – also known as the active growth stage. Your new hairs might look thin, but don’t be alarmed. They will thicken as time goes on. As scars fade and growth fills in at the donor site, any evidence of surgery should be hidden.

Step 3: The maturation period

At about 8 months to 1 year post-surgery, the strands of hair will become thicker and lengthen significantly. At this point, you should see 75% to 80% of your full hair transplant before and after results. The added density means that you can now explore some of the style ideas you’ve been thinking about.

Step 4: The final reveal

Everyone is different, but generally it will take up to 2 years before your full outcome is realized. At that time, your follicles should be entirely in sync with the natural growth cycle, which lasts for about 3 years overall. If you desire more redistribution or fill at that time, you can explore having additional transplant procedures. One of the benefits of FUE is that it can be repeated if needed.

Once your hair has reached the maturation period, you will be able to explore how you want to wear and style your hair. Many men who are balding just buzz their head at the back and sides to make the donor patch less noticeable. When your hair re-grows, you’ll have many more styling choices at your fingertips. Have fun with it! The new hair is resilient, and you can treat it as you would usually treat your hair.

The best part of your hair transplant before and after reveal is that it’s long-lasting. Although your genetics may mean that hair loss will continue in the future, there’s often the option to undergo FUE again or have other treatments to minimize this. Losing your hair can make you feel defeated and embarrassed, but a hair transplant often works wonders for a person’s apparent youthfulness and confidence. Although it can take over 2 years before you see your full locks, most patients agree that the confidence boost they get is more than worth the wait.

To make sure you get the dramatic improvement you’re envisioning from your hair transplant before and after, you’ll need to work with an expert cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Cory Torgerson is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who specializes in procedures of the head and neck. A leader in the specialty field of hair restoration, he works with a team of dedicated professionals at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic in Yorkville. They’re passionate about creating tailored treatment plans to help each client reach their goals. Dr. Torgerson has many years of experience treating all varieties of hair loss in the diverse Toronto population. He’ll be happy to meet with you and make your hair renewal dreams a reality.

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