How To Take Care Of New Hair Grafts After Your Hair Transplant Treatment

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Planning a hair restoration treatment in Toronto involves not only selecting a surgeon with extensive expertise in this field, but having realistic expectations about the recovery process and knowing what to expect so that you can heal well. The time to show off your impressive transformation will come, but first there are phases of healing and recovery after hair transplant surgery that require your attention. Learn below how to take care of new hair grafts after your hair transplant treatment.

You may be asked to keep a light bandage on the area for the first couple of days post-procedure. Minimal spotting, mild swelling, and eventual scabbing are normal. For some time after FUE hair transplant or any other hair restoration procedure, you must avoid direct sunlight on your scalp. Inflamed skin is sensitive. Until all swelling resolves, protecting your scalp from further irritation will help you heal faster. This means wearing a hat when outdoors for a couple of weeks, followed by consistent sunblock application for the next few months.

How To Take Care Of New Hair Grafts After Your Hair Transplant Treatment

Taking Care Of Your Scalp

After Hair Transplant Treatment

Your surgeon may recommend sleeping with a wedge-shaped pillow or elevating the head of your bed slightly for a few weeks. Adequate blood flow to the scalp is important for optimal healing, and slight elevation may help reduce your swelling or discomfort.

You will be advised to avoid cardio-type exercise or excessive exertion for a few weeks after your procedure until your incisions are completely healed. This is because increased blood pressure can cause bleeding.

You will be advised to wash your scalp after surgery using specific shampoo. It is important to wash regularly as instructed and to keep the area clean. However, you should not rub or scratch the scalp, so your surgeon will explain how to do this carefully.

Typically, you will be seen for a follow-up assessment about 1 week after your hair restoration procedure. Your surgeon will want to make sure that your scalp looks healthy and is healing well. This is a good time to ask about next steps like when you can comb your hair, when you can swim, etc.

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How To Take Care Of New Hair Grafts After Your Hair Transplant Treatment

Caution With Your New Hair

It certainly requires patience to be consistently careful and cautious with your new hair for the first weeks following the procedure. But the result will be well worth it as those delicate follicles take hold and eventually establish hair strong enough that you can brush, wash, and even pull on it just like regular hair.

Dr. Torgerson has extensive training and expertise in the area of facial, head, and neck surgery as well as in-depth knowledge of underlying issues and contributing factors to hair loss and restoration. In Toronto, hair loss treatment begins at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic. We welcome you to call and schedule a private, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Torgerson to learn about the process of hair transplant recovery and discover which options are best for you.

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