What Is Theradome?

Benefits of Theradome

If you are suffering from hair loss and hoping to prevent losing more hair, you will discover that there are various treatments and procedures available. In addition, there are alternative options such as medication, supplements, and shampoos that are recommended by doctors for better results.

When you are inquiring about hair restoration, you will visit a surgeon for a consultation to answer all your questions and to verify all side effects, cost, recovery, and success rate. Most doctors will insist on a FUE hair transplant for the most part, especially if you want the most natural long-term look, but that could cost you anywhere up to $15,000.

There are plenty of benefits and reasons why you may want to consider the Theradome as an option to reduce hair loss. Previous laser treatments like the Theradome would have solely been available through medical clinics charging patients per session. With the Theradome LH80 PRO, you can now enjoy the same level of laser hair growth treatment in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Not only does the laser helmet minimize hair loss, it also doubles the hair follicle size for existing hairs and enhances the new growth of healthy hair.


The Results of Theradome

As a natural solution, the medical device has no harmful side effects and is sold over the counter, so a prescription is not required. The Theradome can significantly improve results post-procedure and can also be used with hair loss medication such as finasteride and minoxidil. A wide variety of patients, both male and female, throughout Canada and the U.S. have been successful with the Theradome helmet. Patient results and time frames may vary depending on the individual skin type and the severity of hair loss.

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Hair Loss Treatment

For the best possible results, the Theradome’s lightweight, hands-free, and cordless design treats all areas affected by androgenetic alopecia. A 20-minute session twice per week provides you with a hair loss treatment that never burdens your lifestyle! The ideal treatment is recommended right after you shower, after towel-drying your hair. For people who undergo a FUE hair transplant, the Theradome will reduce inflammation post-procedure.

Dr. Torgerson and the team at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic also recommend using the Theradome as soon as 2 days following an FUE procedure to help reduce inflammation while stimulating healing and hair growth.

For the first 4 to 18 weeks, the cold laser technology ensures that the mitochondria of hair cells are stimulated to reduce and minimize hair loss. By the time you reach weeks 18 to 26, the hair follicles will begin to get thicker and fuller with more density. After 6 months of using the Theradome, the hair growth begins, and the results show.

If you have any hair loss concerns, please contact the Toronto Hair transplant clinic today for your pressure-free consultation. We have all types of options available for hair restoration, including the Theradome.

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