Haircuts & Hairstyles for Before & After a FUE Hair Transplant

Undergoing The Hair Transplant

Before undergoing an FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant, it is very important to consider before the procedure which hairstyle you want. It is mandatory to have the donor region shaved down to skin level, which is located at the back and sides of your scalp. Shaving your donor region down to the skin level allows the technicians to operate accurately and fast during the extraction stage. In addition, the technicians can identify the direction that the roots are growing. Ideally, your pre-op haircut should be done the day before or the day of your procedure. If you are planning on keeping a discreet look after the procedure, I would highly recommend visiting a hairstylist the day before undergoing the hair transplant.


The Recovery Process

With a short hairstyle, it will be more visible and recognizable that you had a procedure done. However, a long hairstyle allows you to comb the hair over and cover up the donor region. Although some patients recover slightly differently than others, to assure safety, we always insist that our patients wait 10 days after the procedure before washing off the remaining scabs. Battling hair loss is already frustrating and challenging, but remember that the pre-op hairstyle is only temporary, and you may get another haircut as early as 2 weeks post-procedure.

For our female patients who also wish to keep everything anonymous and discreet, we recommend a specialized haircut that includes shaved strips in layers that provides a camouflaged look to the donor region. The number of shaved strips is based on how many grafts are required to be extracted for the hair transplant procedure. The specialized haircut has been rising in popularity over the years for patients undergoing a hair transplant not just in Toronto, but worldwide. If you wish to have the specialized haircut prior to your procedure, it is best to address your interest with your doctor ahead of time. Although some clinics will shave your donor region for you the day of your procedure, a specialized haircut would have to be done by a hairstylist who is familiar with this specific request.

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Colouring Your Hair

If you wish to colour your hair, we recommend that you do it a few days prior to your procedure. After the procedure, we highly recommend waiting 6 to 8 weeks before colouring your hair again. In addition, a semi-permanent colour should be used rather than a permanent one, which could potentially damage your new grafts. Once you’re at the 3-month post-procedure stage, you may dye your hair using permanent hair colour. When you have recovered from the wounds and scabs, there are a few important things that you should be aware of before doing anything with your new hair. When drying your hair after a hair transplant, the best method is to air dry to avoid damaging the newly transplanted follicles with heat. After your first month of recovery, you may start using a blow dryer again. If you have any concerns regarding a hair transplant or the pre-op haircut, please contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic today to book your no-obligation consultation.

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