The Side Effects Of Hair Transplants

Possible Hemorrhaging, Infections And Itching

Side Effects

Though hair transplantation is considered the safest, most effective method for regaining hair, the process is not completely void of risk. More and more people are using this method to successfully increase their hair growth, making it all the more important to know the risks associated with the procedure. These side effects and risks associated with hair transplants, though rare, should be more than enough reason to ensure that you consult the most reputable, trusted medical consultants you can find.

With any surgery, including hair transplantation, hemorrhaging is a potential side effect during or immediately after the procedure. Any experienced hair transplant professional will have the proper techniques to ensure that hemorrhaging is limited and that infection probabilities remain at an all-time low.

Sometimes itching does occur, mainly due to the scab formation that follows a hair transplant procedure. Thousands of scabs may form after the surgery has been completed. To combat this, a simple shampoo and wash will do the trick. For more advanced, intense itching, a special type of moisturizing oil might be recommended. We also suggest that you use warm water in a spray bottle to keep the area moist.

Side Effects Hair Transplant

Cyst Development

Swelling & Bleeding

If you see cysts develop, consult your hair transplant specialist immediately. Cysts tend to develop when the hair follicle becomes damaged and is pushed deeper into the skin layer. They create pimple-sized lumps that are mainly benign. Cysts should still be seen by a doctor immediately to ensure there is not a more serious issue present.

One of the more common questions received in relation to hair transplant side effects is, “Will there be any swelling or bleeding afterwards?” Most patients will experience swelling in the scalp, which usually will spread to the forehead. On days 3 to 5 after the surgery, it is normal to experience swelling in the forehead and in the area around the eyes. It will spike around Day 3 and be gone within a few days.

As for bleeding, it is rare that any will occur after the first 12 hours, especially when you are in the hands of an experienced hair transplant expert. In addition, a hair transplant professional completing the procedure properly should ensure that there is little pain.

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Are these Risks

Worth Getting A Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a more effective form of hair loss treatment with many benefits to take into consideration. The risks identified here are mainly present when an inexperienced medical professional is handling your procedure. When undergoing a medical technique such as this, always seek experience and expertise. When you are in the hands of a professional at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, risks are minimal, the procedure is cost-effective, and you will get everything you expect to receive in your hair transformation.

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic consists of a team of reputable, trusted medical professionals experienced in hair transplant methods. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson at 647-351-0061 today. Find out how hair transplantation technology can help you. At the consultation, all of your questions and concerns will be answered.

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