How Many Days Until a Graft Is Implanted Properly?

10 days is the magic number

After an FUE hair transplant, it is recommended that the patient wait at least 7 to 10 days before disturbing the area of the transplanted grafts. It typically takes 10 days for the transplanted grafts to become firmly planted in their new home. Of course, that area still needs to be properly maintained by following the post-op instructions that have been provided. However, after 10 days, there is very little that can be done to cause any damage to these transplanted grafts. In fact, there are basically only 2 ways that the transplanted hairs can be damaged at this point:

The patient intentionally pulls the transplanted grafts out or bumps and scrapes his head and forcefully knocks them loose.

The patient has not followed the proper maintenance set out in the post-op instructions. Thick crusting can occur, so the grafts are pulled out when the crust is removed.


Washing and following post-op instructions is very important

Following your post-op instructions and maintaining a proper washing technique after an FUE hair transplant procedure is key to ensuring a good result. We make sure to provide our patients with a very detailed post-op instruction booklet. We also schedule a follow-up appointment within the first 10 days post-procedure so that you are able to ask any questions and have your progress monitored.

We recommend that patients wash their hair for the first 10 days by cleaning the transplanted area without any direct shower pressure. Our technique is to use a plastic cup or anything that will hold water while you are in the shower.

Fill the cup with water and rinse the top of your head starting from the back of the scalp. It is very important that you avoid any direct pressure on the transplanted grafts. However, allowing the water to rinse the area is important for keeping the area clean.

Once the area has been rinsed, use the same cup to fill with water and put shampoo in until you create a lather.

Pour the soapy lather on the area starting at the back of the scalp and allow it to rinse the area. It is OK to gently massage the area as long as you don’t rub it. Once these steps are done, repeat the process until you have rinsed off all the soapy lather.

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After 10 days, do I still have to be concerned?

Once the initial 10 days have passed, you can resume all of your regular hair washing and grooming techniques. You can also resume all regular exercise. Nevertheless, we recommend that you still avoid swimming for at least one week until all the crusts have fallen off and the recipient and donor areas have fully healed.

The transplanted hairs will also start to fall out at this point and for the first few weeks after the FUE hair transplant procedure. But new hairs will start to grow at Month 3.

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