Toronto Hair Loss Options—Have You Considered Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Microblading

If you are looking into treatments to help with hair loss or thinning hair, you may have come across the terms “scalp micropigmentation” and “hairline tattoos”, and you may wonder what they entail. When it comes to scalp micro pigmentation (SMP), the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic professionals are experts at this low-maintenance and less invasive approach to hair restoration.

The procedure uses highly specialized equipment to apply small amounts of pigment to the scalp to mimic the appearance of your regular natural follicles. When the pigment is applied to the treated area, great care and precision must be taken to ensure that the natural hair colour is matched to ensure optimal results.

Similarly, scalp microblading involves the use of pigment to create fine, natural-looking lines on the scalp that are intended to look like hairs.


What Is A “Permanent Edge Up?

Scalp micro-pigmentation in Toronto is a popular treatment that can address a variety of hair concerns. For people who want to lower their hairline to restore the area that has receded over time, micropigmentation is a great option. When your practitioner follows the natural hairline and matches your natural hair colour, they are able to deliver extremely soft and natural-looking results.

The treatment is also a good option for people who want to add density to thinning hair. To achieve this, we use a gentle technique to gradually increase density from the front hairline to the back of the head. By using a three-dimensional effect, we are able to create the natural look of a shadow as well.

Some patients are also interested in a “permanent edge up”. This is the look of cutting across the natural hairline usually done at a barbershop. Hair ink is an extremely effective way to create permanent edge up styles. This technique typically requires a lot of preparation and precision to achieve natural looking results

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How To Achieve Thicker-looking Hair?

Patients who have previously undergone a hair transplant but are not fully satisfied with the results also often opt for SMP in Toronto. It can help add density in areas left with thinning hair after a hair transplant as well as mask the appearance of scars such as those caused by FUT strip hair transplant methods.

Furthermore, for those interested in a hair transplant, but lacking sufficient donor hair to harvest for the thinning or balding areas, SMP can be a great means to achieve thicker-looking hair. The fact that the treatment requires little to no ongoing maintenance also makes it a popular choice.

At the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, Dr. Torgerson and his team take great care to ensure that the colour matches your unique skin tone and hair and that the correct blend of pigments are placed precisely where they will look the most natural.

If you would like more information on scalp micro-pigmentation, we welcome you to set up a pressure-free consultation at our clinic, where all your questions and concerns will be addressed. By assessing your individual case and understanding your goals, Dr. Torgerson will be able to recommend the best course of treatment to get you to your hair restoration goals.

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