Can Scalp Micropigmentation Be Removed?

SMP Removal

Scalp Micropigmentation

As an alternative to hair transplantation, one of the most appealing features of undergoing scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is that it achieves permanent results, thanks to its shared similarities with tattoos. A patient who opts for this procedure should maintain optimal results by making sure their scalp is regularly moisturized, shaved, and taken care of with sunscreen. As this is a permanent solution, it is recommended that, if a patient has any serious doubts or thoughts of removal, they should refrain from having the procedure done. Undergoing the procedure with negative preconceptions typically leads only to regret, as there was never certainty in the first place. With that being said, if you are choosing to have the procedure done, being informed is important, and it is still good to understand the process and details for the removal of SMP.

Despite the fact that it is a permanent solution, a situation may come up that could lead to someone wanting to remove it. Reasons can range from poor results to wanting to change your look or even just changing your mind altogether.

Remove Scalp Micropigmentation

Choosing A Clinic

For A Permanent Procedure

When it comes to having any permanent procedure done, it is always best to choose a clinic with the most favourable reviews. However, all the research in the world does not make a difference in the case of a technician making a mistake.

Sometimes technicians will equate the procedure to that of a typical tattoo and will use tattoo ink on your scalp, leaving your results to look very unnatural and discolored. In normal cases, removing SMP usually takes 1 to 2 sessions to remove completely. However, when tattoo ink is used, it may take up to 10 sessions to correct the pigment variation and penetration depth. These processes can not only be time-consuming, but expensive as well.

Even though the processes are similar, removing scalp micropigmentation is actually different than removing a tattoo. Some clinics offer it onsite, while others, due to the relative costs of renting or buying the associated devices for the procedure, will partner with local shops that provide the same service. In most cases, removing pigments is a simple procedure and is generally not too uncomfortable for clients. In unfortunate cases where a technician has deposited the pigment too deeply or used tattoo ink, it can take as long as removing a tattoo. Once again, the pain and procedure will only resemble a tattoo removal if the pigments were deposited in the same fashion as a tattoo.

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Remove Scalp Micropigmentation

Risks Involved

With The Removal Process

As with most procedures, there is always a risk involved. Because the removal process involves a laser, the risks can include burning the scalp and creating scars. This is much more likely to occur if the equipment is improperly handled. For the most part, the clinics that offer these services are fully trained and professional. Regardless, SMP removal is not a choice that should be made impulsively. It is worth noting that laser removal is currently the only viable option to remove ink deposited in the scalp. Even so, if the ink is deposited incorrectly, it may not come out completely even after laser removal has been performed. There are alternative methods to help lighten and fade away the pigments, but at this time, no alternative method will completely remove the ink.

Laser Removal

In some cases, laser treatment is not even required. Adjustments such as increasing density or darkening and fading corrections can be done without any kind of laser treatment. With all that being said, laser removal is an available option, but it still carries its own set of risks. It is always prudent to speak to with a professional about what the best course of action is for your unique situation. If you have further questions or need more information, please contact us directly at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic: 647-351-0061.

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