The Cost Of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Typical Costs

The reasons for choosing scalp micropigmentation – or SMP – are obvious. Patients look for a sense of renewed sense of self-worth, which can be lost when experiencing hair loss or alopecia. Though male pattern baldness is a very common occurrence (nearly 50% of men over the age of 50 are affected by it), it can still deal a great blow to self-esteem. After undergoing a successful SMP procedure, patients feel happier and see significant improvements to many aspects of their lives, from their relationships and social lives to their careers. With many patients looking into SMP to recreate the look of a youthful, full head of hair, one of the first concerns associated with the treatment, naturally, is cost.

The costs of the procedure can vary considerably, depending on a number of factors. Each patient’s situation as well as the type of provider offering the treatment will weigh heavily on the final pricing. This is why doing your research and finding an experienced and professional clinic is crucial. It is worth noting that often discounts are available, so all of this shopping around isn’t for nothing. Extra time spent doing your homework can lead to money saved in the end.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Scar Treatments

Hairline Restructuring

Some patients will consider scalp micro pigmentation treatments to cover scarring from previous hair transplant procedures. These SMP costs tend to rank on the low side of the pricing scale. Though the procedure itself can seem like it should be less work, as the scarring area may be significantly smaller than others, depositing pigment into scar tissue can be difficult, and the procedure is priced accordingly. As well, owing to the thicker nature of scar tissue, it may require multiple sessions to achieve the most natural-looking results. To camouflage scars with SMP, a typical cost can start as low as $1,600 CAD, depending on the size of the scar and the reputation of the clinic.

A basic hairline restructure cost can vary, depending on how far back the hair has receded. It is important to note though that many men who consider SMP will enter a consultation looking for a basic hairline restructuring treatment and will assume that a full head treatment is not a requirement for them. Sometimes when their hair has seen only minor receding, partial hairline restructuring will be enough to rebuild the look of density. However, up to 50% of men may actually require a full head procedure simply because while they’re focused on rebuilding the most obvious point of hair loss – the front – the rest of their hair has also experienced less noticeable thinning. Recreating density at the front without addressing the loss towards the back will serve only to draw attention to the rest of the hair loss. For a basic hairline restructure, the price can vary starting at $2,100 CAD, depending on the clinic and the experience of the specialist.

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Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Full Head Procedures

SMP To Treat Alopecia

The most common treatment is considered the standard procedure, or the full head treatment – the area covering the top of the head with even blending into the areas of the sides. Most clients who are a 3 or more on the Norwood Scale will require this, regardless of the amount of hair remaining at the back or sides of the head. The reasoning behind this is simple. For SMP to look the most natural, blending is key. For the overall look of hair density to be comparable to the sides and back of the head, the upper crown area must be equally matched to that of the remaining natural hair. To treat general hair loss, the standard procedure is typically priced as low as $3,600 to over $5,000 CAD. However, if the patient has any scarring to cover, the price can increase to $4,000 to over $7,000.

It is usually expected that a patient suffering from most types of alopecia will have their full head treated. Nevertheless, as alopecia can develop anywhere on the scalp, in any size, a flat rate is rarely provided for this treatment. A quotation is typically given during the consultation.

SMP Pricing

Alopecia totalis will have to be managed with a full head treatment, including all areas from the sides and the back, all the way to the nape of the neck. For these clients, a consultation is required to gauge a more accurate price. For people with mild alopecia areata, treatments generally start around $4,000 CAD and up, and severe cases can be priced starting at $5,000. With all of these costs in mind, it’s important to bear in mind that some fading will eventually occur, depending on how the patient cares for their SMP. It is expected that the client will visit the clinic every 3 to 5 years to have necessary touch-ups done. Should you have any further questions regarding SMP pricing or general procedural inquiries, please contact us today at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic at 416-351-0061.

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