FUE Hair Transplants: The Facts

FUE Hair Transplants

The Facts

When someone is considering a hair replacement surgery in Toronto, it is not uncommon for them to research the many procedures available to them. Discovering the processes and expectations they have fully prepares them and can lay to rest anxieties that are associated with any surgical procedure. Through their research, they will find that one of the techniques available to them –  one that is steadily gaining in popularity – is the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method.

At our well-established clinic, we use NeoGraft, a machine that extracts individual hair follicles with speed and accuracy, taking healthy follicles from a wide area over the back and sometimes from the sides of the head. These follicles are then transplanted into the targeted site to achieve a result so natural-looking that patients do not need to be concerned that people can tell they have had this procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant Toronto

How Is Candidacy Determined?

Norwood Scale

It goes without saying that a consultation is first required to establish the potential patient’s place on the Norwood Scale – a visual depiction of the stages of male pattern baldness. However, this is only a small step toward determining candidacy. Other steps may include magnifying the areas that are being considered to check the density of the hair as well as scalp laxity. During the consultation, general health concerns will also need to be determined so that the outcome of the procedure and the healing process can be predicted as accurately as possible.

When To Have A Hair Transplant

Is It Best To Have One At A Young Age?

Unless the patient is receiving a facial hair transplant, it is recommended that the patient be older to achieve the most favourable results. Many patients are more satisfied and experience superior outcomes when they are older. This is because the pattern of hair loss remains unpredictable at a younger age and, not only can more hair be lost after the transplant, but the hair that needs to be selected as donor hair is much more challenging to pinpoint.

Large Grafts

Do They Produce More Density Than Smaller Grafts?

This is a misconception, perhaps brought about by the reasoning that more is always better. However, this is not true. Patients who choose FUE hair transplants have hair after the procedure that is just as dense as with other methods. Essentially, the density depends on the number of hair follicles that are transplanted, not the size. In many cases, large grafts can look unnatural, and smaller grafts, such as the type that are typically used with FUE, can be placed at the right angle, mimicking the direction and patterns that the hair grows in, making it the most natural-looking option.

There are many facts when it comes to hair loss treatments and hair transplants. If you are considering a FUE hair restoration in Toronto, we invite you to contact our clinic today to learn how to make the best decisions for your needs and goals.

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