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If you are thinking about getting a FUE hair transplant, it doesn’t hurt to know what to expect before having the procedure. Getting an FUE hair transplant is a big decision that should not be taken lightly, so making sure that you have the facts before you move forward will help you make an informed decision. Here is some advice about FUE hair transplant procedures.

FUE Hair Transplant Advice

What Is An FUE Hair Transplant?

An FUE hair transplant is a procedure that involves harvesting some of the healthy hair follicles from the back of your head and then transplanting them one at a time to the areas of your head where hair has been lost. In most cases, the transplanted hair follicles are placed into the same space that the former hair follicles were in so that the results look as natural as possible. This is also important to increase the chances that the hair will permanently stay transplanted and you will never have to worry about losing hair again – or at least to significantly lessen the amount of hair loss that you are currently experiencing.

An FUE hair transplant is a much less painful procedure when compared to previous hair transplant methods. It also produces a more natural-looking result. This is a main reason why it is a far more appealing option for most hair loss patients who are considering a hair transplant procedure to restore hair.

The necessary downtime to recover is also much less than with previous methods, and patients can return to normal life in as soon as 4 days. The maximum number of days off needed is 7 to 10 days.

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FUE Hair Transplant Advice

Questions To Think About Before You Have An FUE Hair Transplant

Before having an FUE hair transplant, it is important to take into consideration whether your hair loss has started to slow down for a while, meaning that no further loss is currently taking place.

If you are in the early stages of hair loss and you’re losing hair quite quickly, you will most likely require further treatments down the road as your hair continues to fall out.

If your hair growth has held steady for a few years, however, and it doesn’t appear that further hair loss seems to be taking place, then there is a decent chance that you might need only one treatment to keep the results that you want.

What Can You Expect?

If you have made the decision to go ahead and have an FUE hair transplant, you may be curious about what to expect. In almost all cases, the hair transplant isn’t going to hurt at all. Once you receive the medication and local freezing, you will be feeling just great throughout the entire process. Anyone who is suffering with male or female pattern baldness is a suitable candidate to have an FUE hair transplant process done.

An FUE hair transplant also leaves hardly any visible scarring at all, so after it is done, you shouldn’t be able to notice that you have even had a hair transplant procedure. FUE hair transplants are the most natural-looking hair transplant procedure available. This is another big reason why so many hair loss patients choose to go this route.

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