What to Expect During Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Undergoing A Laser Hair Removal

If you’re hoping to have a smooth body and to be hair-free by undergoing a laser hair removal, it is important to be aware and understand what to expect during your treatment. During your consultation prior to undergoing the treatment, you will be provided with all of the information you need and guidelines for what to do before and after to achieve the best possible results and safety. Read on to find out what to expect during laser hair removal . Regardless of where you decide to go for laser hair removal, it is always recommended to shave the area where you wish to have your hair removed 24 hours prior to your treatment with a brand-new razor blade. Before the treatment, the dermatologist will provide you with special goggles to wear before moving forward to prevent any injury to your eyes from the laser.


How To Prevent Pain?

If a family member or your spouse is in the room with you during the treatment, he or she will also have to wear the goggles. The specialist doing the treatment will also wear them. Depending on the clinic, the dermatologists may apply numbing cream on your skin to prevent any potential discomfort. However, more clinics today such as the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic use the Zimmer cooling system before, during, and after the treatment to prevent pain for the patient. Adjustments to the laser equipment will be customized for each patient to ensure a match to the skin colour and hair thickness. Once the settings are customized, your doctor or dermatologist will proceed with the hair removal process. Ideally, the laser hair removal treatment on small areas is done quickly and only lasts a few minutes, unlike larger areas, which could last up to several hours, depending on the patient. In addition, by allowing the dermatologist to proceed at a slower pace, it allows every follicle to be eliminated, leading to better results. If the treatment is done too fast, there is a possibility that follicles will be skipped.


Hair Transplant:Minimally InvasiveNo IncisionNo Scar
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Hair Transplant Case Studies

Results From Real Patients

Hair Transplant Case Studies

Results From Real Patients

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The Follow-up Treatment

If you’re curious to know how the treatment feels like, most patients who have had it done would say that the laser feels like sharp prickles with a minimal heat sensation. It is common for patients to find it more painful in sensitive areas such as the bikini region and underarms. You may also experience a spark from the laser beam and/or a burning smell during your treatment. If you do, it is a good sign meaning that the follicles are being destroyed. Once your treatment has finished, you will be provided with anti-inflammatory lotion or an ice pack to reduce discomfort. Normally, a follow-up treatment is required every 4 to 6 weeks for the desired area until the hair stops growing. The hair loss results depend on the hair growth cycle, which is why it is important to follow the suggested time line provided by the clinic for follow-up treatments. If you have any laser hair removal concerns, please contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic today for your complimentary consultation.

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