Possible Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Possible Risks & Complications

Hair Transplant Side Effects

When considering any cosmetic procedure, it is wise to consider both the advantages and benefits, as well as the Possible Risks and Complications With Hair Transplant. These are some possible minor, temporary complications:

Uncomfortable Feeling

Minimal Pain & Bleeding

Pain is usually fairly minimal or non-existent, most patient describe the process more as uncomfortable, rather than painful. The majority of our patients do not require any pain relievers, and the others take Advil or a similar pain reliever for a few days. Some bleeding or tiny spotting along the donor or recipient sites is normal and will stop with simple pressure.

Possible Side Effects

Pink or Reddish Skin on Donor and Recipient Areas

The implanted area will be pink or red in coloration and the skin slightly shiny. Little scabs can exist around the implanted recipient sites. It may last only a short while and then return to normal. There are calming products for purchase to help reduce the redness.such as Ryan Reynolds.

Thinning & Itching

Calming Products Available

After the hair transplant procedure, it is common for some pre-existing hair to thin. As your hair growth cycle continues, your hair will return to normal in within a few months after the hair restoration treatment.

Patients will commonly experience itchy skin around the hair, this is completely normal and usually lasts only a few days. Using the calming products available in office on the hair daily will help alleviate any irritation or discomfort. It’s important not to itch or disrupt the newly transplanted hair.

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Infection Side Effects

Possible Side Effect

Numbness, Swelling, Infection, Cysts

Numbness is rare, but still can be a possible side effect that will disappear within a few weeks or months.

With Neograft, there can be some slight swelling that may occur, however, it will be minimal compared to the swelling caused by the strip method and will subside very rapidly within the first few days.

Infection can happen, but is preventable with antibiotics. Dr. Torgerson provides all patients with a prescription for antibiotics to fill prior to the procedure in order to prevent this rare circumstance from happening.

A rare occurrence is the appearance of one or more cysts in the recipient area. They are not permanent and will usually disappear after just a few weeks. A cyst would usually be quite small, like the size of a small pimple.

One of the most important considerations to reduce complications and ensure an excellent result is to choose a hair restoration expert at a reputable clinic. This will minimize hair damage and terrible results. If you have further questions about the possible risks and complications of hair transplant, we would love to hear from you, please contact our Toronto office!

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