Are Men Giving Up On Hair Loss Treatments And Heading Straight For Transplants?

Hair Transplant Procedures

On The Rise

The hair restoration industry is massive, with topical treatments, supplements, and hairpieces being among the most popular non-surgical hair loss solutions. However, recent surveys and polls are now suggesting that there has been an incredible increase in men seeking more information regarding hair replacement surgery in Toronto.

There are likely a number of reasons why hair transplant surgery is gaining momentum. The first is most assuredly due to the rapidly advancing technology that has allowed hair replacement procedures to become safer and provide more natural results. Modern hair transplants offer a realistic outcome, specifically because the hair that is migrated belongs to the patient and is arranged artistically to provide an authentic-looking hairline. This allows men to have the head of hair they have always wanted without others being able to recognize what used to be the telltale signs of transplantation surgery.

Hair transplants are also becoming increasingly common and accepted. In the past, there was great stigma attached to simply having thinning hair. It was something that many men were embarrassed by. However, as time passes, younger generations are much more open about having had this procedure performed to improve their appearance.

Facial Hair Transplant

How It Is Performed

The two most common types of hair restoration surgery in Toronto are FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation).

FUE harvests clusters of hair follicles from the sides and back of the head, where follicles tend to be most healthy and are most resistant to hair loss. FUT, on the other hand, removes a strip of scalp that holds enough hair to perform the treatment. Notably, FUE is steadily becoming the more popular technique, most likely due to the procedure’s ability to offer similar results while simultaneously preventing the scarring associated with the FUT method.

Hair Transplant Surgery Toronto

Hair Transplant: Minimally InvasiveNo IncisionNo Scar
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Hair Transplant Case Studies

Results From Real Patients

Hair Transplant Case Studies

Results From Real Patients

  • Track Dave's Hairline

    Track Dave's Hairline

    See real patient before and after results

  • See Jim's Progress

    See Jim's Progress

    See real patient before and after results

  • See Andrew's Results

    See Andrew's Results

    See real patient before and after results

  • See Frank's Hairline

    See Frank's Hairline

    See real patient before and after results

  • See Tom's Transformation

    See Tom's Transformation

    See real patient before and after results

Alternatives To Surgery

Topical Treatments

Currently, there is no cure for alopecia or thinning hair. Researchers are experimenting with stem cells to create new hair follicles. These would take the place of dormant or deceased follicles, enabling new hair growth. Though scientists are incredibly hopeful and optimistic about this new treatment, the technology is likely many years from being finalized. In the meantime, the best substitute is a hair transplant.

For men who are hesitant to undergo surgery, there are topical treatments such as minoxidil and oral medications like finasteride. Using minoxidil and finasteride in tandem can delay the rate at which hair is lost while simultaneously strengthening existing hair. However, most men who use the treatments report limited effectiveness. As well, once an individual discontinues their use of either medication, hair loss will resume.

Book A Consultation

With A Qualified Professional

When considering hair restoration surgery in Toronto, you are encouraged to book a consultation with a qualified professional. Many men may not be an ideal candidate due to the lack of an established hair loss pattern, being too young, or not having the right amount or texture of hair. During a consultation, the patient’s needs are assessed, and it is determined if hair loss treatment is the right approach for the individual. Contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic today (647)351-0061 and find out all the answers to your questions and concerns.

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